Oh Hey There

Hello hello!
And welcome to my space!

I’m Madi Rose, a 21 year old who’s had a love for writing as long as I can remember. It’s how I process my life and all the wacked emotional highs and lows that come with it all.

In this space I share a little bit of everything. Whether that be: Products I’m loving, Music I’m currently obsessing over, Scribbles from my notebooks, or Updates on my life and what I’m getting up to.

Life is different for every single one of us, and I personally love LOVE getting to hear other people’s stories. It helps me take a step back and see the big picture, that everyone will always be at different stages in life and it’s okay to be doing your own thing. At your own speed.

I started sharing my story here so I wouldn’t combust in an attempt to keep everything bottled up inside of me. A few people have started following along with it, and a few have told me it’s encouraged them even. Which is mind blowing.

So, if you’d like to stick around please feel free to do so. I’d love to have you. Wander through the site, read what you please, scroll wherever you’d like. And let me know what you think!
– Madi Rose