Words & Situations

Good words are sometimes hard to come by. You know when you’re reading a book, or listening to a song and the words that the person chose to describe the situation just fit so perfectly? I love that.

The other day I was sitting in the middle of my room that I share with my two little sisters. Clothes were everywhere, toys and knick-knacks as far as the eye can see, beds unmade, and the closet doors struggling to keep shut, threatening to open with an exploding force any second, spewing even more clothes all over the room no doubt. You may ask, why were you sitting in the middle of all of this? You were cleaning right?

(You’re also probably wondering what the heck the first few sentences about words and all has to do with the rest of this post. Don’t worry, I’m hoping to tie that in here soon. Bear with me.)

Cleaning…yes. That’s what I was aiming to do. Well, that had been my goal. But I ended up finding a birthday card in one of my drawers that I was cleaning out, and thought I would put it away right then and there so I wouldn’t lose it. See, I tend to keep a lot. I mean I keep everything. Seriously. So I opened one of my several boxes filled with notes, cards, and things from years ago to put away the card, and an hour later I’ve read every single one over again and have doubled the mess that I was meant to clean in the first place.

Then it hit me. What on earth am I doing? I had a day FULL of school ahead of me, a room to clean, and I was supposed to be ready to leave the house looking somewhat presentable in just a couple of hours. Yet I’m sitting there reading who knows how many year old cards and journals.

Yep. Typical me. This is seriously what I do almost everyday. I don’t even know how I get things done half the time, because I spend my days doing the strangest things. It’s weird man, it’s weird. Really weird.

Now. The time has come to pathetically try to tie the opening of this post to the rest of it. If you haven’t already guessed, I found a word that fits the moment I had sitting on the floor, which sadly represents most of my life.

HEC-TIC /hektik/


         1. full of incessant or frantic activity.

{“a hectic business schedule”}

I don’t know why, but this word popped into my head the other day and I (being myself) thought, ‘Hey, here’s what my post is going to be about!’

Life is hectic. That can be a bad thing at times, it can also be a good thing most of the time. But overall it makes for a very interesting life.

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