Moving to Fast

Life is moving to fast for me. I just can’t seem to keep up.

It feels like Thanksgiving should be coming up soon. Not already over and Christmas coming in a few weeks. I haven’t even thought about Christmas presents yet. I should probably get on top of that.

School is still going, and I’m trying to catch up on a few days I’ve missed which always sound good in your head, but never works out quite the way you think it would.

I helped my friends plan a Christmas social event these past months, and this last week or so we’ve been scurrying to get things done. The event is tomorrow, and honestly just the beginning of all the holiday parties we’ll be attending the next few weeks. It’ll be loads of fun. But right now it’s kinda overwhelming.

Now I call my schedule this month “busy,” but everybody has a different kind of busy. If I have several social events to go to this week, I may cringe, but I know I’ll just recharge later with my favorite music, tea, and netflix. [insert happy dance here] Now my brother? He will LIVE off the social gatherings. Being around people is his thing, he likes that kind of busy, having to be so many different places in short amounts of time. While I’m just happy to stay home and keep to myself for however long I can. ^.^

And I’m gong to have to start going through all my things, everything I own to see what I get rid of, what I sell, what I store, and what I take with me to Asia. I’m trying not to think about that yet. That might push me over the edge right now.

Sometimes I just want to burrow deep into a pile of blankets and pillows, blast my music and hide from it all. I know for a fact I have done that, and probably will in the future, but I can’t hide forever. You have to come out eventually, and like it or not, face life.

Advice for when you feel like you’re going to snap in two if you have one more day of doing so much but feeling like you got nothing done? Breathe. Relax. Take a break. I know you don’t have time, but if you don’t take one, you are going to snap. Remember the little things, the things that make life worth living, then take on the big things one by one.

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