I’m supposed to be doing school right now.

I could be Christmas shopping too.

In fact, I could probably be doing half of a bazillion things that I need to get done. But instead I’m just sitting here.


Being still.

I feel like sometimes my brain can’t handle my to do list. Like it can’t focus on anything because it’s focused on everything. I find myself thinking about what I’m wearing to an event in a few days, or a book I’m reading, instead of why I got the math problem that’s sitting in front of me, wrong.

When my brain starts acting up like this I know it means I need to stop, chill, take a deep breath…focus, and then move on.

But we never really do that … do we? We’ll read that inspirational sounding post on the internet, telling you to “wander the world” or “listen to the stillness” blah, blah, blah. But we buy into it and it’s artsy font and background pic, and then we like it, pin it, post it, or whatever, and then move on.


We never really think about doing it.

You need the quiet time though. A break from the havoc life wreaks.

Right now? My “quiet break time” isn’t quiet at all. My siblings are yelling outside my closed window, speeding by on scooters and probably annoying the neighbors. Our weirdly loud washer and dryer are chugging away loud and clear even though my bedroom door is shut.

You need to remember that these “breaks” aren’t something you can plan. They’ll probably come around at the most inconvenient of times, and demand to be heard, until you swipe, stomp, and drive them away.

Don’t drive them away.

Allow yourself a moment or two to appreciate … everything.

What I’m trying to get at, is what needs to be quiet is YOU. Take a few minutes, a half hour, whatever you can spare.

Stop thinking about all the work and papers you have due.

Stop thinking about what you’re going to get so and so for Christmas.

Stop stressing about work, family, and all you have to do tomorrow.

Just stop.


Clear your mind.


Whether you’re sitting outside on your porch, driving down the freeway, at home in your room, it doesn’t matter. Try not to pop your earbuds in, or turn on the radio. Just be there. Be here.

Just Listen.

p.s. this is was for you me.

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