Top Ten: [Music]

“If I die of a heart attack, I hope it will be because I played my stereo to loud.”
-Ed Sheeran

Music is an amazing thing. Without it things would be really weird. Movies wouldn’t be as good, road trips, and plane rides would be boring. Music can express sometimes what words can’t, and evoke feelings that words could never create.

Now, there are plenty of songs out there, majority of them I wouldn’t listen to, even if you paid me. Just no.

But then there are some songs that I would (and will) listen to everyday whether you pay me or not. Beautiful songs are hard to come by. When you find them, it’s a rare but awesome thing. To be siting at your desk and hear a song come on that makes your courage swell, or your heart sink and eyes go misty is a feeling unlike any other. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If you couldn’t tell, I really like music. A lot. More than is okay probably. I listen to it quite a lot, and even got an email from Pandora congratulating me on my 399 hours of listening in 2014. And that’s not even including my iTunes library, or Spotify listens. O.o

So I wanted to come up with a list of my favorite songs for you guys. It’s been extremely hard because I love so many different genres, but I’ve done it.

My Top 10 Songs of 2105 (so far):

Grade 8 – Ed Sheeran | Such a sweet love song. I love it so much. |

The Run and Go – Twenty One Pilots | I’ve been really loving these guys lately. A very different genre, but I really like it. |

The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy | I don’t recommend to much other stuff by these guys (most of their songs can get pretty sketchy) but this is an awesome song. |

Queen of Hearts – We the Kings | This song has been stuck in my head ever since the first time I heard it. I’ve memorized the lyrics, and it’s easily my favorite by them. Cute love song.|

Welcome to My Life – Simple Plan | When I heard this, I couldn’t stop replaying. It’s the best, and the lyrics are great. |

Prayer of the Refugee – Rise Against | The opening lines are my favorite. I don’t know why I love this song so much, but I do. The guy’s voice, the beat, the lyrics, everything. |

The Last Goodbye – Billy Boyd | If you ever need a good cry, and want to feel absolutely empty inside, listen to this song. It was the song playing during the credits for the latest and last installment in the Hobbit, and basically it left the theater in tears. But it’s beautiful, and I love it so much. |

Take it All Away – Red | Red is known for their louder lyrics, occasional screaming, and a deep beat. So when most people hear they have a few slow ones they laugh, ’cause they can’t quite imagine it. But when you listen to it… it’s amazing. I love his voice loads, and am in love with this slower song of theirs. |

Insomniac – Trip Lee (feat. Andy Mineo) | Yes, this song is rap. I love rap. And this guy is amazing. His accent is different which causes his words to rhyme. But if said with almost any other accent they most certainly wouldn’t. This is one of my favorite songs on his new album, and I really like that Andy Mineo (another awesome rapper) is featured on this track, plus I like the girl’s voice in the chorus. |

Fire, Fire – Flyleaf | My favorite line of this song has always been: “We can’t die because we’re young! At least that’s what we heard in a song.” I think to me it was almost making fun of all the other songs that talk about living while we’re young, etc. *shrugs* I really like this song though. |

I hope that wasn’t to strange, but I’ve been wanting to share some songs for a while now, and finally decided to just go with it. 🙂
Have a musical rest of the week! (that was cheesy)

-Thought by Thought

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