One Suitcase, One Backpack

That’s all I’m taking with me. When I move across the world in roughly 3 months,  I will be packing my whole 17 years of existence into a suitcase and backpack. Majority of what I don’t take with me I might never see again.
No pressure.

I’ve separated my belongings, my room into sections that I’m going to be tackling weekly. In this case tackling entails me going through it all and making the permanent decision of what I take, what I leave here in storage, and what I toss.
My plan is to work on a “section” a week, take notes on how I do it, maybe take some pics, and then put it all together and hopefully turn it into a post for you guys.

Now that it’s actually 2015 the move seems so much closer and so much more intimidating now that I can actually mentally count the weeks until I’ll be  on a plane. The closer we get to the move, selling our house, the details and last minute pieces are coming together. I may end up being able to take 2 suitcases (i would be so happy:) or not. I honestly couldn’t tell ya just yet.

As scary and sad as this all is, I’m looking forward to it in a strange way. It’s weird, but ever since I was little I’ve wanted to move. I mean, not “across the country” move, but the thought of packing everything up in boxes and starting fresh always made me want to go.
Well, that and the little girl’s dream that we’d live in a gorgeous 2 story home, with a built in pool and I’d get my own room with an epic window seat. I always thought I’d get my own room, have plenty of privacy, walls loaded up with books, it sounded like heaven for the little shy girl I was. (and still am)
And now I’m moving across the world to a very crowded, non privacy based country, where I’m going to live in an apartment without closets and my 9 member family.
You’ve got to love the irony though.

I’m hoping to have an area of my room done and ready for posting for you guys early next week!
Until then,
-Thought by Thought

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