And So It Begins…

Saturday I tackled my closet, and dresser. It was an experience I don’t think I’ll forget. I mean, we all have those cleaning days where you go through your clothes, get rid of some stuff, etc. But going through all your stuff with the constant mindset being, “Do I want this? Am I really going to use this? Is it worth taking on the plane with me?” is a bit overwhelming, not to mention exhausting.  So as I was doing this, I deemed myself unfit to permanently decide what I needed to keep, especially considering I don’t really know anything yet about the weather there, except that there is snow for a few months. What I found was easier to do at the time, was to go through and make piles of what I definitely wanted to keep, and what I wasn’t 100% sold on yet.

{my dresser}

Just before I was going to head to my room, iPad in hand and fully armed with music, one of my younger sisters asked what I was doing, and decided she wanted to go through her dresser as well. Even though her dresser only has 3 drawers, and mine has *counts mentally* 4 and 2 halves (1 and a half are used for knick knacks, makeup, notebooks and the like) we still both took some time to get it all done. Even though it took my sister and I several hours to get though the mess, I wanted to make a “bullet point” type of list of what went down, and all. Otherwise this post could be several pages long. 😉 ~ I have a lot of t-shirts. I tend to live in them I’ve realized, so going through them was quite difficult. I have several from camps and events I’ve gone too, but I finally narrowed them down to favorites. ~ Pajamas are something I don’t really have a lot of. Just give me some yoga pants and a frumpy sweatshirt/shirt and we’re good. I took my pj drawer and shirt drawer and combined them easily enough.

{2 drawers combined}

~ When it came to my pants and jeans, it actually wasn’t that hard. I was kind of surprised by how easy I was able to put them in piles of what I wanted, and what I was probably going to get rid of. I kept a few pairs that were newer, and I knew would keep up for a while. ~ Finally I had moved on to the closet! On my closet floor I keep my backpack, with my other bags inside it, just to save room. I went through them and tossed some into the trash pile (they were really faded and used up) or into the give away/sell pile. Whilst doing this I went through the pockets, making sure I hadn’t left anything behind. I found an awful lot of gum wrappers and cough drops, but not much else. Actually in one of my bags I found a sign I had had on my door when I was really young, a drawing by a friend of mine, and an old bracelet that used to be all the rage.

{the drawing was done by my friend Nick in 2011. It’s of Hobbes with Calvin on the opposite side. I have no idea why this was in my purse, but it was! 🙂 Also, I love the way my younger self spelt ‘rules’.}

~ Going through my closet I kept in mind that the more basic and neutral, the better. I’m not saying I can’t take anything that doesn’t match everything, it’s just better to bring a majority that can be worn multiple ways with multiple outfits. Though you can’t see it in the picture, I’ve kept a maxi skirt, and two basic dresses.

{the items on the right are the ones I’m pretty sure I’m keeping, and the ones on the left I’m not completely sure about yet.}

~ I didn’t take any pictures, but when it came to my shoes I can say I got rid of about 5 pairs. I know have a pair of: combat boots, hightop converse, converse, tom knockoffs, and tennis shoes. It actually felt nice to get rid of shoes I don’t wear anymore. 🙂

{you can’t have a cleaning day without your jam. ‘Every Single Dollar’ – We The Kings}

~ You can see the skeleton of a dresser to the right in the picture below. That was my sister’s dresser, and by the end of the day we were able to toss it! Her and I are now sharing my dresser.

{my sister wanted her picture on the blog, so I snapped this one of her in the “midst of the crazy”.}

And that was about it! I hope that wasn’t to boring, and annoying. It made it a lot easier for me when I was going through it all to know I was going to post about it later. Don’t know why exactly but it did. Next week I’m going through my knick knack, makeup drawers, and maybe my shelf in the closet if I have time. We’ll see. 🙂

Thanks for sticking around,
– Madi

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