Music: On – World: Off

I listen to music. A lot.

Music has always been one of my favorite things. I think I like it because it’s not just for one mood. It doesn’t matter what you’re feeling, or what you’re going through, there’s more than likely a song for it.
Sad? There’s a playlist for that. Need to drown out life for a while? I know just the album. Angry or in need of a “let’s do this” playlist? There’s this band…


I read a quote on Pinterest that said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and cannot remain silent.” It’s true. There’s certain music that when you hear it you feel ready to take on the world, and smash whatever is in your way. Then there’s music that can have you sobbing with it’s haunting chords and heart wrenchingly on point lyrics.

Music makes you feel things.
Music is sanity.
Music is an escape.
Music is what feelings sound like.
Music heals everything.
When Music hits you…you feel no pain.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.13.19 PM

Though music can make you feel things, it can also tune things out. It has a way of shutting life out for a while and forcing you to listen to the lyrics, to the music. It just envelopes you.


Another thing about me, is that I like to listen to my music loud. Like, whether it’s with earbuds or without, there’s a certain volume that you reach where you can’t hear anything but the music, and it’s borderline on earsplitting that just makes me all fuzzy inside. Someone once called it a music hug, and though we laughed, that’s kinda what it is.


When I found about mixtapes I died from happiness. Like, that is the coolest idea ever. Whether it’s for yourself in order to remember a certain time in your life, or to relive a day with friends, or even to give as a gift. I don’t know why but I really like that. I’m not good at talking face to face with people really, I’d rather write a letter if I have to tell you something important. But sometimes words just aren’t enough. So to know there’s another way…that makes me beyond happy.


So there’s a few songs I’ve been obsessed with recently. I thought I’d share some cool lyric edits with you that I found on (you guessed it) Pinterest. So without further ado, here are 11 songs I’ve been listening to non-stop this past month:
** if you see these asterisks after a band’s name, it just means I haven’t really listened to their stuff other than the song listed. Though you can love a song or a person’s voice, it doesn’t always mean the rest of them are clean. :/ **

Somewhere in Neverland — All Time Low **

I love this song for so many reasons. I mean, they’re referencing Peter Pan, it’s a cute love song… What is there not to love?

Twenty Years — Civil Wars

I’ve been addicted to this for a few weeks now. I don’t know what it is, but I love it. The scene it puts in your head, and the way they tell a whole story in just a couple of minutes is quite impressive.

Car Radio — Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is one of my favorite bands. The lyrics these guys come up with are crazy good. Someone once described it as “aggressive poetry” and I couldn’t agree more. This song is about needing music to drown out your thoughts and then what it’s like when you’re forced to be without the music. So. Good.

Dog Days are Over — Florence + The Machine**

I heard this song for the first time at a friend’s house, so I found out what it was called, went home, and listened to it 500 times on repeat. It’s so beautiful, fast at some parts, slow at others, and I just love it.

Love in a Box — The Workday Release

Workday Release was brought to my attention by a friend, and I loved his voice so much I looked him up, and binge listened all of his stuff. This song is so adorable and happy and just…I don’t know. It’s just a really happy and adorable song.

Miss Missing You — Fall Out Boy**

Lyrics like these are reason enough to listen to music. Sometimes you listen to a song, and then you hear a line and it’s like woah. That was deep.

Hold Me Now — RED

On each of RED’s albums, they have a slow song. I think it’s really cool because all of their other songs are loud, growling, and include the occasional guttural screams. Which I love. But to hear him go from screaming fast lyrics to slow haunting lines, and seeing that he can pull both off very well is insane.

I’ve Got This Friend — The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars are very new favorites of mine. This song goes back and forth between the guy and girl, each of them talking about these “friends” they have. It doesn’t take much to see that they’re really talking about themselves. I loved the way they did it.

Migraine — Twenty One Pilots

Migraine is easily one of my top favorites by these guys. It talks about dealing with “waging wars behind my face and above my throat”. The best line though is this:
*screaming* “I am not as fine as I seem!”
*quiet* “Pardon.”

The Call — Regina Spektor **

This song played at the end of ‘Prince Caspian’ the second Narnia movie. I don’t know why but the lyrics really stood out to me so I bought it. 🙂

Screen — Twenty One Pilots

I know I’ve already put quite a few songs from these guys in this post but…they’re what I’ve been listening to the most recently so I can’t help it. 😉 I think if I ever saw them live, I would want them to do this song. The line I’ve chosen above is one that gives me chills every. single. time. I don’t know why it just does. It’s a great song and the bridge…ugh. It’s great.

Alrighty. I think that’s it. Thanks for reading all of this if you did. Hope it wasn’t to painful and boring of a read. 😉
-Madi ❤

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