Moving Life Update

You’ve probably noticed that we haven’t moved yet. We’re still going, it’s just that our departure time has changed. There’s been a lot that’s happened/changed over the last month or so, so I’m just going to try to cover everything as efficiently as I can. 🙂


A month and a half ago:

My Dad and my brother flew to Asia where they were going to find a place for us to live, try to find out where my dad would work, and other details. They were going to be there for just two weeks, and at the end of the that two week period, my dad flew back, but my brother did not. He stayed there. In Asia. He felt like it was what he was supposed to do, and my parents felt the same way. So he’s been staying with some friends of ours over there, and will be staying there until June when they’ll come back to the US.


The week my dad came back:

It was kind of weird to have our dad back without our brother coming back too. But we were told we’d be face timing and all that a lot so it made it a little easier. When my dad first got back to our house, we actually had a photographer over taking pics of the house and yard to put online. Our house was going on the market in the next few days.


A week or so later:

When you have a house on the market, you usually have an Open House to start things off. Which is what we did. We cleaned the house, and de personalized as much as we could until honestly it didn’t even really look like our house anymore. Open house was saturday, and sunday as well. After that we’d get calls and texts during the next few weeks, usually a few hours before a realtor and client stopped by to view the house… usually. One time directly after dinner my dad got a text saying someone would like to come by around 6:30. It was 6:00 when he got the text. Can I just say I don’t think we’ve ever cleaned the house that fast? 😉



A week and a half ago:

We got an offer on our house that we decided to accept. Papers were signed, And any further showings were not allowed (we were very excited about that). It was a bit strange knowing that you’re not going to be living in your house pretty soon, but the way things were working out it looked like we would be here until a few weeks before we left for Asia since we had a 60 day escrow and all.


Last Friday:

The people buying our house asked if the 60 day escrow (which started last monday) could be changed to 30 days. We agreed, but were kind of thrown for a loop and a little overwhelmed at the fact that our time had now been cut in half. And we still weren’t a 100% sure on where we’d be living. But it’s kind of laughable. Like, after all of this, only my dad coming back, selling our house, not leaving for another 3 months…”of course we’re only going to have a 30 day escrow! phhttt, we got this..”


Present day:

So that’s what’s happening right now. The 30 days hasn’t started yet, we’ll be alerted when it does. But for now we’re just continuing to downsize, figuring out where we’ll be staying when we leave, and still dealing with figuring out what to take and what to not take. The packing list has changed slightly since the leaving date has changed. If we had left in April we would’ve been arriving in time for Spring and Summer. Now we’re leaving around August, so we’ll be arriving just in time for Fall and Winter…where it can be 20 below on normal nights. It’s going to be a big difference from California, but it will be an adventure for sure. 🙂

So. That’s what’s been going on currently. It’s crazy, but pretty awesome. 🙂

Thanks for reading,

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