Farewells & New Beginnings


Tickets are bought. Seats are reserved.

Boxes are taped up, and carry ons are stuffed.

We’re ready to get on a plane and take off tomorrow night at around midnight. So technically Monday.

It’s weird to be leaving finally. But also really relieving.

I mean, we’ve known for roughly 2 years now that we were going, so packing has been a thing that has hovered around the back of our minds those long years which now seem like they went by rather fast. But finally taping the boxes and making final decisions has been weird. I’m that person who forgets simple stuff like bringing a hairbrush or my toothbrush to a sleepover, so the thought of packing for something a bit more long term is a little … different.

We’ve already said a few “see you laters” which my mom and I have liked better than “goodbyes.” They just seem too final. Leaving someone’s house, we’ll say, “And see you next time! I’ll bring dessert.”  or “We’ll see you guys soon!”

I have this best friend who I’ve known since I was born. We grew up together, and then our siblings grew up together. Our moms would get together for coffee at least once a week, and let us kids play while they talked. That routine hasn’t really changed since then, and now that we’re 17 our families still get together weekly, and we still act like complete idiots. But that’s who we are. Not being able to see them is going to be hard. We’ve done everything with them, school, classes, gone to amusement parks, so not being able to finish senior year with him is gonna be kind of a bummer. But we still have texting and video calls so I know we’ll be able to stay in touch.

My bestest girlfriends are going to be just as hard to leave. I haven’t known them all since we were little, but some I have. We’ve become a really close group over time, but now it’s easy for us all to see that we won’t be growing apart anytime soon. We know too much about each other, love each other too much, and are to crazy to let each other go. Fangirls, music addicts, and crazy as we are we’re the perfect fit for each other. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye and to leave them for a little while, not being here for Christmas with them or going to see the newest installments in Hunger Games, or Maze Runner stuff like that. But I know we’ll be reunited pretty soon.

We see relatives fairly often too. So not seeing them every week or more often than that for some will be really odd. I think the holidays will be the hardest though. Not getting together at Thanksgiving or Christmas and exchanging gifts and carrying out our own special traditions will be missed. But again, we have texting and video chats that I know we’ll use 24/7.

When it comes to social media it’s getting a little tricky. I don’t know what I’ll be allowed to use and what I won’t be able to access. (Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail, WordPress, YouTube, etc.) But I’m working on it, and annoyingly I won’t know if I can use any of them until I get there and figure it all out. So I will post my picture tonight, and I will post one tomorrow. I can’t guarantee that I’ll post the day after that or the days following though. If it works the internet may not let me post everyday, but I can promise that I will continue to take pictures and post them in bulk or however I can. If my blog doesn’t work over there I’m going to have to try to switch sites. We’ll see how that goes.

So I’m not really a huge fan of flying even though I haven’t flown before. I never liked the idea. And now here I am going on a 12+ hour flight. Yay.
I’ve made a 12 and a half hour playlist on my phone to keep my mind off the fact I’m flying in a hunk of metal. Also I’m bringing a thriller by Ted Dekker to keep me busy too.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 1.13.41 PM

I’m scared.

I’m excited.

I can’t wait to get there.

I don’t want to leave.

I can’t wait to go.

I can’t wait to come back.

I’m gonna miss my friends terribly.

I hope to make new ones. But they’ll never be able to claim the pieces of my heart left here.

I’m only going because I know we all know that we’re supposed to go. I wouldn’t be leaving any other way.


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