Dear Future,

I know that we haven’t met yet, and I will admit I’m a little nervous. I mean, I’m going to be seeing you a lot this year and I’m not sure what to expect. I have no idea what to expect actually.

Will we get along? Will we find things to do that we both enjoy? I hope it’s not awkward. I’m not really good with meeting new people. But I’m sure we’ll find something to do…at least I hope so. I mean you can’t just do nothing…right?

I don’t know if you’ve met another one of my acquaintances, Past? He’s an odd fellow but we’ve been through quite a lot together I guess you could say. He helped me out with a lot of things over the past few years and though we haven’t always made the best decisions we’ve had a lot of great times. We’ve actually been talking about what we should do when we meet up with you. Especially this year. Because even though it’s just another year, this one is a bit more important I guess you could say.

So we talked. Tried to brainstorm as many ideas as we could. Actually about a quarter of the way through brainstorming the building we were working in was shut down abruptly. Something about how the lights being on so late at night kept Stress and Anxiety up and I guess they were getting rather worked up about it. So we haven’t gotten much farther on that.

I do know of one thing we’ll definitely be doing together. Traveling. I kind of live in two places at the moment and maybe one day it’ll be more than just two. But that’s a whole new brainstorming thing that will have to be put on hold until that won’t bother Anxiety or any of her buddies anymore. But yeah. Flying a lot and living on the other side of the world is something you’ll be able to look forward to.

The only downside to being over there is there isn’t much we can do together. You and me I mean. I know one of your favorite pastimes is working, getting a job, etc. but there aren’t really any jobs for me over there. Sorry about that.

But! There are plenty of pros to being over there as well. We can try to practice painting maybe. We can work on writing. See if that’s something we want to pursue. Or not, you know, whatever we end up deciding. Plus we get to witness a crazy amount of awesomeness everyday even though it can be extremely exhausting and trying, I promise it’s worth it in the end.

We won’t be there forever though. It looks like we could be back here as soon as this summer. But we’ll see. That leads me to another thing you may not be to pleased about. Schedules. Nothing is really certain, there is no such thing as “written in stone” and the biggest things can change on a moment’s notice. But you learn to roll with it eventually.

So yeah, in the summer I’ll have graduated. Past has been dreaming of the day I graduate ever since I can remember. But he’s always been a little scared of it as well. Mainly because he knows that’s where he loses control and you take over. And since we never were able to decide on what to do when that happened…yeah he’s been hanging out with Anxiety and Doubt a lot more often.

Let’s see…what to do, what to do. Oh! Driving. Yeah, I know. I would have gotten that done sooner but the whole “living in another country” thing kinda got in the way of that. Plus it just sounds horrifying. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the hang of it though. So you can help me with that.

I’m sorry, this must all sound so lame. Don’t worry, I know it does. I honestly have no idea or solid plan as to what we could possibly do when we get together. And I know that you’re used to people having at least an idea or a dream when you meet them. I hate to disappoint but I’ve got nothing. I’m sure we’ll do something. You know, since we kind of have to.

It doesn’t really help, but I do have this crazy vague idea that has been floating in the back of my mind for a while. I don’t know where it came from really, or why it won’t leave but I keep thinking how fun it would be to travel. Either to live, or just to wander around the world for a few months. Go somewhere brand new, maybe bring a friend or two along. I’ve actually had a few long talks with some of my friends and the thought of possibly moving in with them or traveling with them makes me want to go do it right now. But money would probably be a good thing to have first. Yeah, that’s something we’ll have to work on.

Truly I didn’t mean to have all of this “work” to dump on you right when you show up but to be fair, you did come at a pretty funny time.

Well I’ll stop rambling now. And as nervous and quite frankly scared as I am to meet you, I am pretty excited.
See you soon.

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