Books I Read in 2015:

These aren’t necessarily books that have only come out within the year of 2015, but ones I’d finally gotten around to reading, and really enjoyed. And these aren’t really reviews, or telling you what the books are about, they’re just me rambling about them. 😉


  1. The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner
    This was a whirlwind of a series. I first heard about it when I was watching a YouTube video one day and saw the movie trailer for The Maze Runner. When it said that it was based off the book, I immediately decided to pick it up. It was very popular at the library so when it was finally available I grabbed it and tore through it.
    Like, I finished it that day.
    I know.
    It had been so long since a book sucked me in like that. I was only a chapter in and I couldn’t put it down. The plot is incredible, the characters are wonderful (Newt shall always be my favorite), and the twists! Instead of one big plot twist, or a few small ones, this was just one after the other. And I saw close to none of them coming.
    The following books were just as good, and even better than the first. Scorch Trials will always be my favorite as towards the middle of it I felt as if I was watching a horror movie during some scenes.
    There’s a prequel which I wasn’t sure I’d like but ohmygoodnessgracious it was just as emotional and action packed.
    Dashner is going to release the second prequel which will involve all the old characters and give us some more backstory on their lives before the series. I’m very very excited. Especially because he’s also announced that the prologue will be narrated by Newt. *happy dance*9268942._SY540_
  2. Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson
    I came across this book during Valentine’s actually. Our library got on board with the ‘Blind Date with a Book’ idea and gave it a try. As I’ve always wanted to try it, I picked one up and was surprised with Reckoning.
    Now I had no idea what to expect. I’ve learned to not read the back of books anymore as most of the time they’ll tell you everything but the ending. So I went into this blind and much like the Maze Runner I was sucked in.
    It’s funny because as I was reading it I was expecting it to be kind of like The Selection by Kiera Cass or something that would end up being a romance like that. That was until I got about less than a quarter of the way through it.
    Out of nowhere *spoilers* happened and I remember having the exact same reaction as the main character. My jaw dropped, I sat straight up, and a hand flew to my mouth. I had to reread it to make sure.
    I’m pretty sure that’s the exact moment I knew it was going to be good.
    This author wasn’t scared to go to extremes and as much as it stressed me out I truly did love it. I finished it, sat in silence for a few moments, then placed it in my purse to give to a friend the following day. I practically shoved it into her hands saying, “It’s the bestest thing ever just please read it so we can rant to each other.”
    And apparently it’s a series. Which I am not angry about at all. Book two is out so…I’m going to have to get my hands on that soon.OmegaDragonSmall
  3. Omega Dragon by Bryan Davis
    Though it says book four in the left corner, it’s actually book twelve. Three series, four books each, and seven years of my life were committed to this series. In third grade I read the first series called, Dragons in our Midst. I remember when I found out a few years later that there was another series with the same characters and I freaked out. It was around Christmas time I discovered this, and got them all as gifts! Needless to say I was very pleased.
    And just last year the very last book, in the very last series was released. Reading them now I realize that there are a few things that were slightly cheesy, etc. But I was still beyond excited to read it, if anything a bit emotional. At one point I only had about fifty pages left and I started to panic as I wanted to know what happened, but I didn’t want the adventure to be over. I may have put it off for a little bit…
    But I finally finished it, and though it was a different ending than I had planned in my head, I still loved it. The characters hadn’t changed at all, there were weddings, and oh so much closure.
    This will and always be a series I treasure and display proudly as I do own all 12 of them. It was an emotional roller coaster and it made me desperately want to go back in time so I could start over from the very beginning.
  4. The Paladin Prophecy Trilogy by Mark Frost
    Now I still haven’t read the last book in this trilogy as it’s not at the library yet, and I do hate to only buy the last book in a series. I mean, you can’t just have the last one! it’s either all or nothing.
    But yes, this plot is complicated, intertwined, intense, and so so so good. I wasn’t sure about it as I started the first few chapters, but then I got so intrigued I couldn’t stop. The characters are probably my favorite thing about it as they’re all so different. Their personalities, the way they talk, Frost has done wonderfully well in painting such an image for each and everyone of them. Elise is probably my favorite just because she’s so well written.
    It’s a very fast paced read, making you think, and keeping you guessing the entire time. Finishing the first one and knowing I couldn’t read the second one for a while yet was the most frustrating and torturous thing. But it was well worth the wait, as the second was even better than the first.
    My heart was in my throat, my hands over my mouth, and my eyes scanning the pages as fast as they could to make sure everyone ended up okay.
    I can’t wait to read the last one, and am adding this to the list of books I will purchase to keep forever one day.Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.10.26 AM
  5. Thre3 by Ted Dekker
    I love Dekker’s books. I’ve read majority of them, and they never fail to make me think, blow me away, and forever scare me of the simplest everyday items.
    If you’re wondering what I mean, just try to read his book Skin, and then go make a sandwich with mustard and mayonnaise. I dare you.
    This was a trusty read that I carried with me a lot in China, pulling it out whenever we had to wait for long amounts of time, etc. It took me a while to finish as I wasn’t in a reading mood (I hate when that happens) but when I did…wow.
    So the main character is a victim of mysterious phone calls, and horrible threats. And the book revolves around them trying to track down this crazed man and put an end to the horror.
    I thought I knew who it was a few times. Other times I had no idea and honestly I was scared to find out.
    I never saw it coming.
    I mean, I kind of had an idea at one point, but for every lead the characters had, every clue, it always got shot down by logic straight away. Dekker always amazes me because I know I could never in a million years come up with plots, mysteries, or twists like his.
    So if you’re looking for an unpredictable thriller, read Thre3.51gJ82I7bZL._SX382_BO1,204,203,200_
  6. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester
    Now this is a bit of a different one. But I felt like I’d be committing a crime if I didn’t mention this.
    I’ve been watching these two on YouTube for a while now, and I love them dearly. They always make me laugh, bring a smile to my face, and make every bad day better. Seriously, if I’m ever feeling anxious, stressed, or just “ugh” I’ll push play on a video of theirs and be smiling and holding in laughter in seconds.
    So when they released a book I died. They joked about how they were becoming those typical YouTubers by releasing it, but honestly I can’t think of any of their fans that cared.
    I read it fairly quickly, but I wanted it to last so I took a bit longer than needed. The dialogue was hilarious, and I may or may have not read it in their voices.
    I downloaded the audiobook that they recorded and I’ve listened to a little less than half of it.
    The reason for this being, I don’t sleep on planes. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t sleep on them no matter how long the flight. So normally I’ll bore myself watching movies, or listening to music.
    And since these two dorks have always been able to calm me down I thought I would save it for the long flight we have coming up soon. 🙂
    Though they’re not always 100% clean, Dan and Phil never fail to cheer me up and that’s one of the reasons I love them so much.Untitled-3
  7. Winter by Marissa Meyer
    Now I only read Winter this past year, but I couldn’t resist showing you all the covers. Aren’t they so gorgeous??
    Winter is the fourth and final installment in the Lunar Chronicles. The series is amazing because it’s based off of classic fairytales, but with a cool twist. Like the fact that Cinder (Cinderella) is part cyborg. (that wasn’t a spoiler, they tell you that right away) Each book adds a new storyline, a new “fairytale” character, but at the same time includes the old ones and the plot just grows and grows, becoming more and more complex with each book.
    Winter is eight-hundred and something pages long which sounds daunting to some, but to Lunar fans it was a dream come true. Eight-hundred pages of our favorite characters, show downs, and hopefully some couples getting together.
    I was grinning like a fool, laughing out loud, applauding the writing, yelling at the pages, tearing up, and having to reread certain parts to make sure that really just happened.
    I loved it so so much and while I’m so heartbroken that it’s over, I couldn’t be happier with the ending. And you never know, Meyer did leave it somewhat open…she could always revisit it if she felt like it. 🙂


And that’s that! There’s a few of the books I read last year that stood out to me.
Thanks for reading!




One thought on “Books I Read in 2015:

  1. 1. I loooved the first book in the maze runner series – a boy wakes up in an empty room with no memory if who he is or where he came from and is dropped into a MAZE with a bunch of other kids – what an awesome premise for a book!! But I have to say, the rest of the series disappointed me. I just really thought it was going to go… I don’t know, but somewhere else :/

    2. I read Cinder last year, but then never picked up the rest for some reason. This reminded me that I want to read them, so thanks!

    3. You ought to check out the blog Modern Mrs Darcy for some good book recommendations!

    4. Also, when you’re local, the library has an awesome program for ebooks and digital audiobooks called overdrive that I just discovered and am in love with. Just in case you weren’t aware.

    That’s all. I just love book talk.

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