DIY: Nest


We all have days where we want to just disappear from the world. Whether we’re having a bad day, a sick day, or just a bleh day the thought of holing up somewhere sounds pretty nice.
On days like this I find myself wanting a nest. A little fortress that keeps the world out for the time I’ve designated. It’s not always the perfect nest as I don’t always have time to add everything, but I thought that I would share my perfect ideal nest.

Step 1:
Go on a scavenger hunt throughout your house and gather up all of the pillows, quilts, comforters, and stuffed animals you can find.

Step 2:
Find a room that isn’t frequented at all times by family members, and claim your corner. I recommend a corner rather than the middle of the room as it’s more hidden. Plus there’s usually always an outlet in the corners.

Step 3:
Whether you’re planning on being in your nest for an hour, or 3 days, you’re going to want/need something to eat. And drink probably. So head to the kitchen and pick up some of your favorite snacks and boil the water for tea or hot chocolate. Try to grab snacks that aren’t too messy or crumbly as it’ll get crumbs all over your blankest and make it rather uncomfortable. And a pain to clean up.

Step 4:
While you wait for the water to boil head back to your corner and lay down the base of your fortress. I usually pick the fluffiest blanket and lay that on top of a few pillows. Then grab the pillows you’d like to lean on and lean them against the wall, forming a half circle. If you can, taking the cushions from couches work pretty good in place of walls if you’re feeling really adventurous. Keep layering and building until you can sit in the midst of the cushiony walls and only your head can be seen from the outside. Or you can add a roof by tacking a sheet to the walls above and behind you and dragging it to the outside of your walls. This has never worked for me personally, so if you try it and it does work please let me know how on earth you accomplished such a feat. (thanks)

Step 5:
Now it’s time for you to pick your poison. Or poisons depending on what your mood is. I normally tend to grab a book, my phone (in case humans want to know where I am even though they should know to leave me be as I hide from them), earbuds, my laptop, and any chargers I might need. This means that if you finish the book and want to listen to music you’re set. Or if you tire of music (how that could even be possible I don’t know) you’ve got your laptop so you can pull Netflix up and marathon a few shows, browse Pinterest, or marathon some YouTube videos.

Step 6:
Final Stages.
Once you’ve set your arsenal up, making sure everything reaches an outlet and the wifi connection is satisfactory, head back to the kitchen and make your hot drink (it’s really nice to make it in a mug with a lid as 1.) you get more and 2.) it won’t spill) Grab all your food items and mug and set those up inside your nest as well.

Step 7:
This is your fortress. You can’t just expect to be able to protect and enjoy it in a t-shirt, jeans, and barefeet! So run to your room, grab your floppiest comfiest sweater, sweats, leggings, pj bottoms, whatever you prefer, and either a pair of fuzzy socks or the really tumblr cozy ones that almost reach your knees. And since there’s no one to impress as it’s just you feel free to scrub your face clean of makeup and throw your hair up in a bun.

Step 8:
Now that everything is in place, you’ve dressed, and you can’t think of anything else you could possibly need, grab your last cushion and blankets before crawling in. Sit yourself down (make sure you’re comfortable) and then place the last cushion over the entrance completely locking yourself in. Throw the blankets over yourself, grab your choice of escape and enjoy.

I promise that as much as you’ll hate to crawl out after your time alone, you will feel re-charged. And though a few tears may be shed as you put blankets in cabinets, return pillows to beds, and cushions to the furniture you have to remember that you can always re-create your little fortress of escape.

*flails arms* Okay, we have an OPTIONAL STEP:
If you’re feeling really fancy, and know you’re going to have all day to spend in your fortress feel free to take over an entire room! It’s pretty fun to create your fort around your television as it feels like a theater just for you. And a lot cozier than a normal theater.

Strings of fairy lights always make everything better. Always. Hanging a few on the outside, the inside (especially at night) can make all the difference. Candles are fun too as long as you make sure you place them somewhere they won’t tip easily, or catch a blanket on fire. That would not be fun. But if you do light one with a warm scent it just makes everything feel uber cozy.


Enjoy you nest building!

One thought on “DIY: Nest

  1. Oh this is very cozy indeed. I might have to turn our bedroom into this comfort-cocoon. Donovan won’t like it though. I’ll need his help getting up off the floor. And probably some ibuprofen for back spasms and/or pinched nerves. Never say never.

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