There and Back Again, An Olson’s Tale


For those of you who don’t know we are going back to China! We leave tonight on a midnight flight and arrive Friday. Which still blows my mind every time. Time differences are weird man.

But yes, we’re headed back and surprisingly it has been a lot easier to leave this time. I mean, it’s always hard to say goodbye to friends and family but it’s easier knowing that we’ve done this before. We know how to deal with the time change, know we can talk with them all still, and that we’ll be back for the summer.

And for us personally it’s nice to know what we’re walking into. It’s not a completely foreign concept to be living halfway across the world like it was before. We have our apartment, we know which stores to go to, etc.

We’re going to be busy as ever as we’ll continue our english tutoring classes, and add a few more English/American based classes into the mix this time around. But it’s going to be a good busy.

I’m also hoping to write more while we’re over there. I’m not going to say anything specific in case it doesn’t happen (I’m known for doing that) but I would like to do more posts that give you a little peek into the crazy world we live in. It truly is another world over there. So I’ll be planning and looking into ways that that might work for future posts.

Yeah, so we’re all packed, just need to throw a few last minute things into our carry ons and put our shoes on and we’re set to go!

Now personally I hate flying. It’s my least form of traveling but I can get over it and deal with it. I’ve learned what works best for me is to create a big old playlist of favorite songs, bring books that I know will suck me in, and hope for good movies on the plane. As long as my brain isn’t focused on all the things that could go wrong I’m usually okay.

So yeah. When I talk to you next it’ll be from China.
Until then,

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