Back on Foreign Ground:


Traveling isn’t necessarily hard as it is a pain.

Especially when you’re in a family of nine and you’re all carrying your life’s belongings with you.

But sometimes there are these little things that stand out in the middle of the stressful,  anxious moments of irritable lines, short tempered people, and bored security members. Take the night of our flight for example.

The night of our flight we showed up to the mildly busy airport. My mom had her eyes and free hand on the four youngest kids, and they all had their hands full of bags and miscellaneous items. My dad, two younger brothers and myself were wheeling a cart each that was stacked with luggage and boxes as we made our entrance.

We were met with a not too terribly long line but a long line to say the least. We had arrived slightly early and weren’t quite sure where to go when out of nowhere this security man appeared next to my dad’s shoulder.

They speak and next thing we know we had dropped all our check in baggage off at the counter and within fifteen minutes we had been through the line, gotten our boarding passes, and all the while the security man was personally tagging each and every one of our boxes to make sure we wouldn’t lose any of them.

We said many, many thank you’s before weaving our way through security and to our gate. The fact that he had gone out of his way to help us made the wait for our flight much less daunting.

Later that night we had been chilling and hanging out in the waiting area when we heard the call that boarding would begin within the hour. Not even 5 minutes after the announcement, the same security man popped up again and asked, “So are you folks ready to board now?” Surprised and laughing to ourselves, we stood, gave him our passes and he led us to the steward who without a word of argument scanned and waved us in.

“Have a great flight and a safe trip!” And with that he was off.

We all kept shaking our heads and laughing to ourselves at how bizarre he had acted towards us. His mannerisms, humor, and generosity were like something out of a movie. And we didn’t even know the man! But he definitely made the rest of the journey bearable starting it off like that for us.


12 hours.

That’s a long time.

I will be honest and say that the 12 hour flights are my least favorite out of all the flights. For me the longer they are, the worse they get. I don’t know what it is but I can’t do long flights.

But I was able to sleep off and on for a few hours on this one which was a very welcome change. Half a book and a few movies later we landed and were back to waiting.

One more flight!

There was light at the end of the tunnel!

3 hours later we were gathering all of our luggage one last time and wheeling it out into the 20 degree weather and day old snow.


We were met by friends that we had met last time we were here and the familiar faces were such welcome sight. We loaded into cars and off we went!

Now the thing about leaving Wednesday night, and arriving Friday morning is that you lose Thursday. It’s just gone. And that messes with your head.

Well. That and the fact that you haven’t had exactly the best night of sleep.

So needless to say jet lag was starting to set in and trying to resist the urge to sleep was a lost battle for some of us.

There was lots of relief at finally being at our place, but a tired dread at the thought of having to carry everything up six flights of stairs. I’m not one to talk though as it was a lot of the males who carried the fifty pound boxes all the way up several times.

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, organizing, and fighting jet lag. More than a few times there would be random bursts of laughter, someone staring off into nothing, aimless wandering, and everyone trying to keep themselves distracted enough to not fall asleep.


This is just an example of what jet lag can do to a person.

But maybe that’s just our family.

It probably is.

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