|| A Glimpse ||

China is a crazy place.

No matter where you go, what you do, you’re bound to run into something that’s not quite right. Something that’s out of the ordinary.

Or something just plain hilarious.

So I thought today I would share with you just a few of those things and a few random facts that will hopefully give you a glimpse of a day in China.



This was actually our first meal we had in China. We landed, got our luggage, and then were taken straight to lunch. I didn’t eat much as I was tired, emotional, and completely overwhelmed, but looking back at this picture now I can safely say I’d eat a lot more. Or at least know what majority of the dishes are.



We had green tortillas! They tasted pretty plain, but were dyed green because originally this was dumpling dough. Purple, green, and orange dough made the presentation pretty, and if you happened to be filling them with different ingredients you could tell them apart by colors. The woman who made them for us left us with the leftover dough, so we attempted tortillas. Which was pretty fun to eat considering they were green.



The buses are slightly different over here I guess you could say. 😉 You wouldn’t think it from seeing them driving around the streets, but once you get inside you’ll find they are pretty bumpy. Standing in them can be ridiculous as you’re constantly bracing yourself and trying to keep your footing. We end up laughing a  lot because it’s just too funny to see everyone being thrown about.

Trying to exit the bus can be a tad stressful at times especially if they’re crowded. The bus only pauses for a certain amount of time whether everyone has gotten off or not. So if you’re at the front of the bus, and need to get to the back…good luck making your way through all the people while trying to keep yourself latched onto something so you don’t go flying across it.


What we think was their version of Tarzan was just one of the many acts that occurred that night
We were taken out to dinner one night with the promise of “entertainment.” None of us had any idea what this meant, and were slightly apprehensive.

We arrived at the place and were shown into a large smoke filled room, crammed full of round tables, a runway off the stage, and lots of flashing lights.

The couple who were treating us that evening began to lead the way through the crowd and the longer we walked the more I freaked out. I looked at my mom and mouthed, “NO WAY.” And all she could do was laugh.

They finally stopped at the FRONT table directly next to the stage and I wanted to die. But as we sat we all kept making eye contact and doing our best not to burst out laughing.



People always ask about chinglish when China is brought up. And I can safely say that yes, there really is chinglish everywhere. It can be pretty hilarious.



A lot of the pictures I’ve posted have made China appear to be a very beautiful, clean place. Which in some parts I’m sure it is. But where we are..not so much.

This is the bank, and as you can see people are very comfortable with leaving their trash on the floor and no one feels the need to clean the place up.



We were feeling “crazy” the other day and a few of us ran down to the store in search of ice cream. So we found a few that looked pretty good (we got Dad the green bean one) and proceeded to eat them whilst walking back to the apartment. In the snow.

Yeah, we might have gotten a few stares.



When shopping you bring your own bags, and I must say our family has quite the variety. From pink owl print to Costco. Shopping in style.


The people that make up the crazy O family
Around dinnertime if you were to poke your head in our apartment this is what you would be met with. Though it’s a smaller table, we’ve got enough barstools for everyone and we squeeze everybody in each time.

(Yes Christian has an eyeliner mustache penciled on his upper lip.)
Thanks for reading!

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