A Really Small Gang:

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True friends are hard to come by.

Ones that will laugh at that thing that no one else finds as funny as you.

Ones that will listen to you rant about nothing or everything.

Ones that trust you enough to tell you their secrets.

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Ones that cry with you when a fictional character dies, or when life just gets to be too much.

Ones that you can buy gumballs with in public because you’re both just that cool.

Ones that will build a blanket fort with you and hide from life and all of it’s worries.

Ones that will obsess over the same shows and books you do so you can rant and toss theories back and forth to each other.

Ones that will totally take that artsy picture of you while you pretend to not look.

Ones you can lie around all morning with and just talk.


Ones that you can lay down on their kitchen floor with … and then slide down their hallway on your backs while laughing so hard you cry.

Ones that you can watch kids cartoons with and forget that you’re not actually 6 years old.

Ones that you can run to the store with 30 minutes before it closes to buy a prom dress because it’s pretty and then grab ingredients so you can make breakfast burritos for dinner.


Ones that you trust with every fiber of your being.

Ones that you know won’t leave you no matter what. (mainly because you all know far too much about each other)

Ones that you most definitely will fight/disagree with one day, but within the hour it’ll be in the past because you need them too much.


Ones that you can dress up as wrestlers with because you all just don’t care what people think.

Ones that you can’t imagine life without because without them life would be pretty boring.

Ones that make you feel beautiful when you feel anything but. 6d6e892434f64c617075771ecf6ec724

Ones that you can be complete dorks with and not regret it.

Ones that you can put red lipstick on with and take pretty pictures with because why not.

Ones that you love dearly and wouldn’t trade for anything

I’m still blown away that I have not one, but four girls that I can tell anything to. I’m so thankful for them and I know for a fact we’re gonna be this close for the rest of our lives.

We’ll totally be those old ladies knitting to Twenty One Pilots, dying each other’s hair crazy colors while making tea, and probably still being a bunch of dorks.

Love you girls lots and lots. ❤

p.s. due to our ever-changing schedule over here I’ve decided to do one post every two weeks. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “A Really Small Gang:

  1. Maxi–that was beautiful. You can add to your list:
    The one you’ve known since 3rd grade and can let months or even years go by and still pick up where you left off last. That is your mother to me and much more. Deanna (Dede)

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