The Life of a {Booklover}

She went to the bookstore

She wandered down the aisles running her fingers over the spines, inhaling the scent of ink on paper

She took her time, reading each title and occasionally pulling the book out to get a glance of the cover

She hadn’t left the aisle yet, but already had three books in her arms, she knew she should go, but it couldn’t hurt just to look at one more shelf…

She smiled as she picked another that seemed promising, and though it pained her she forced herself off the ground, and clutching the chosen ones to her chest she made her way back down the aisle


Before she left, she turned and whispered a farewell to the ones she hadn’t chosen, promising she would be back soon

At home at last she threw her bag down, set her books on the side table, and took off her shoes

She changed into her favorite sweats and floppy sweater, pulled on her fuzzy socks and threw her hair into a bun

Bouncing with excitement, she picked her glasses from the kitchen counter and after putting them on her face grabbed a few cookies from the cookie jar

She filled the kettle and boiled the water getting a mug down and a tea bag ready

She poured the water, grabbed her cookies and tea and sat them on the table in the living room before turning on the fire and turning the lights on dim

She picked up just one of the books and a cozy blanket and snuggled into her favorite chair

Hungrily her eyes soaked each and every word up as they began to twist into not just sentences, but another world

Now the little remains of her treat have been forgotten, the last few sips of her tea have gone cold as her eyes dart across the pages, her hands flipping the pages


She can hear her brain telling her she should get some sleep, she has work early in the morning but she shoves it to the back of her mind, this is much more important

It’s late into the night, the fire has died down and she’s made another cup of tea, but she won’t go to bed, not yet just a few more pages…

She finishes the book, closing the covers together and staring at it in wonderment

A happy ending was always nice especially when you had to go through all that bad to get to it

But then it hits her, it’s over, there’s no more, she has just said goodbye to her new friends

She clutches it to herself, staring into the darkness around her

She takes a few minutes  reliving her favorite scenes, smiling at the quotes she will remember, and then allows herself to stand

Placing the book upon her shelf she stands back proud of having added another achievement, another world, another friend

As she drifts off to sleep she dreams of good and bad, of true love and lies and betrayal



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