L e t t i n g -> G o

Do you ever feel like every single thing that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong?

Sometimes it just feels like the entire world has decided to turn against you and you have no idea why.

It’s infuriating and you don’t know what you did to deserve it. Literally everything you do is taken the wrong way, or just goes wrong and you can’t understand it.

You can’t help but to let it fester inside you and the longer this carries on the more this … thing starts to grow within you.

It’s like a monster that starts to eat you up until you’ll do anything to get rid of it.

Sometimes it’s easy to get rid of. A slap of reality is all it takes for you to realize that stewing over it won’t make it better.

Other times it’s not so easy. Other times it takes everything you have and then some.

Other times it takes you to do something drastic. Say for instance … removing yourself from the picture?

When you remove yourself from the picture, when you climb in that helicopter and fly so high up that you’re finally able to look down at it all, you get it.

It’s not going to make perfect sense because we won’t be able to see the whole picture until much later. But what you can see for now makes you realize that it’s stupid to care this much.


This problem, this horrible creature growing inside you is powerless. You let it feed on what others think, and what the whole world says, and you let it grow.

When you take enough steps back you see that the problem isn’t with you. It’s with the fact that you’re letting other people’s negativity cloud your view of yourself.

This is when you start to realize you don’t care.

You see that no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you say, no matter how much you worry …

It means nothing. It is nothing.

If this many people are trying to hold you back and keep you in this constant state of drowning in self-doubt and anger, then you can’t help but to wonder why.

Why do they not want you to be happy? Why don’t they want you to carry on living your life? Why are they trying to keep you from doing whatever it is you could be doing?

Maybe. Just maybe, they’re afraid. They’re afraid that if you leave this horrid state you’ll do things that make a difference.

They’re scared that you will succeed.

This is the part where you yank that monster out from within you and don’t even give it the satisfaction of getting angry at it. That would just give it something to gloat over.

Even though you’re so high in the sky, the world is still watching you. They want a reaction. Something, anything to use against you.

So you don’t speak to it, you don’t look at it, and you don’t even grip it too firmly.

You don’t give them the satisfaction.

With a steady hand you dangle it out the helicopter door, and without another thought




g o . . .


3 thoughts on “L e t t i n g -> G o

  1. Beloved, That was profound and full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me of my 2-cents worth of advice: “Forgive it, Let it go, Get over it, Forget about it.” Forgiveness is a most wonderful tool that has been given us to use. I use it often. The other three suggestions are kinda hard because the human mind tends to hold on to “it”.
    Stand firm on your faith, hope and love in the King. Only He can help us do this.
    Know that you, Madi, are much loved and cared for and that I will continue to hope for you to land the helicopter, move ahead and live in victory. HUGZ!!!! ❤ 😉 <

    Liked by 1 person

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