A Few More Glimpses

As we’re heading back to the States in a few days here I thought it only right to post a few more “glimpses” of life here, via a collection of random photos that have accumulated over the past few months.


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A few weeks ago myself, Jacob, Lily, and Spencer went on an adventure which resulted in us getting lost. Though it took a while, we finally got on the right Light Rail and where able to head back to our apartment. Nothing like getting turned around in China, haha.

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This was another outing that resulted in adventure. We same four headed out and instead of just taking the Light Rail to the store we decided to walk. While walking we popped into a few random shops here and there and happened upon this one. It was full of suuuuuppper nice furniture, beds, linens, etc. It felt like we had just stepped into a realllllyyyy nice Ikea or something. We wandered through the entire place just in awe of how much it didn’t look like China, and just how normal everything looked.

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Christian has definitely come out of his shell this past time, and while he can still hide from strangers, he’s opened up lots. Especially towards two Chinese boys we have over several times a week for classes. As you can see from the picture they get along very well, and Christian along with Jonathan and Grace have been very excited to show them how to play with Legos.

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So for some reason we’ll probably never know, our community’s buildings have been under construction for the about a month now I think. They started by building scaffolding around a few buildings, then wrapping them up in green netting before hammering all the plaster off the walls. Now as you can see the building across from us still has it’s brick, but they’ve begun to cover that all up with foam and concrete so now all the buildings are a lovely grey…fab. Just fab.
Since our windows are covered by the green netting too, the world has had a greenish tint for a week or so now. It’s actually pretty hilarious.

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While this construction was beginning, they had caution tape all around our way out so Lily thought she would pose with it while Jacob snapped a picture. Because why ever not?

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This is the pizza place that we frequent when desperate for french fries and an excuse to get out. The people who work there know us well, and almost have our order down as we don’t really change it that often. Is it bad that we know the staff by face and are able to point out when ‘so and so’ isn’t working? It’s kind of become a nice place to just chill every now and then.

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Landing in Hong Kong! I never thought that I would be as used to the whole airport procedure as I am now. It’s hilarious because obviously there’s loads of security at every airport, but some of them are different, etc. So when we land and Jonathan realizes we only have one or two lines to go through as opposed to three or four, he gets very excited.

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And last but not least, last week while Mom took Grace and Jonathan down to the courtyard outside to play tag and soccer with the kids that hang out after dinner, Christian and I took it upon ourselves to bake cookies for them upon their return. He was just excited about the M&M’s honestly. But then who wouldn’t be?

Thanks for reading, and I guess I’ll post again once we’re back in the States!


2 thoughts on “A Few More Glimpses

  1. I am so happy that you all get to come back for a bit. I am hoping that we will have a chance to see at least some of you. Hopefully you all will be on a school break so you may just have a little more free time. Have a safe and uneventful flight, and thank you so much for your blogging.

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