~ thirteen years ~

Thirteen whole years.

Done. Just like that.

I honestly never thought the day would come when I would be done with school. When you’re in 3rd grade just the thought of High School sounds so far away, let alone graduating.

When High School comes you’re so busy and constantly on the go, not really thinking too far ahead. So when someone stops you one day and says, “Just a few months until you’re done right?” you freak out. You never really noticed that the end of your senior year had crept up on you while you were busy just getting through each day.


I can now, officially say that I have completed High School. I’m done.


I always thought the day would come and I would rejoice and just be so happy that it was all finally over. Which I totally am.

But at the same time that means I have nothing to do now. That means that I should be able to drive, that I should have a job, and I should be prepping for college.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha no.

Now I have no idea, and I mean no idea what the rest of the year holds for me, let alone the next few years. But I do know that for now I’m in the States, I’m seeing family, I’m going to have the best Summer I’ve ever had with my girlfriends, and I’m going to just enjoy Summer.

I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’m free of school for the couple of months I’ll have, and then I’ll start pursuing a few paths that I think could end up in something pretty amazing. If they’re the paths I’m supposed to pursue.

Graduating is a wonderful thing. It’s also a scary thing. But it’s definitely an adventure.


All I have are ideas. Wisps of ideas actually. But they’re what I’ve got and I’m holding onto them until they turn into something solid or just disappear altogether.

And the ideas I have? They’re not “normal” ones. But I’ve never been normal really, so I don’t see why it isn’t worth a shot.

But for now I am more than content in knowing that for the foreseeable future I will never ever pick up or touch another math book.

And that’s all that matters as far as I’m concerned.

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