Friendships & Distances

Things don’t always go the way you think they’re going to go.

I always thought that once I turned 18 I’d have my license, and I’d be driving my friends around and we’d be going on an adventures and having a grand ol’ time.

But I’m living in China half the year, and one of my dear friends just moved back to Montana. I’ve seen all my girlfriends since getting back, but separately. Which isn’t bad, it’s just not how we normally do things.

Normally we’d have had at least one sleepover by now, been to the mall, shopping till we drop and eating our favorite foods, etc. But that’s kind of hard to do when you have 5 girls with 5 different schedules that are now busy with jobs, moving, traveling, and loads more.

I’ll be honest, I was scared we weren’t going to have a “full reunion” until … I don’t even know when. Before we could all freak out though, we remembered that we all bought tickets to a concert about 7 months ago, and we will all be here for that. No one will be traveling, no one will be working, and we’ve even decided to make a day out of it and go for lunch.

We’ve even got a group chat going that if anyone, and I mean anyone saw, they’d probably put us away. It hardly ever happens, but today we were all on at the same time, even though a couple of us weren’t even in the same time zone. We talked nonsense and we used too many emojis and used caps lock far, far too much. But that’s how we roll.

One of the girls in the midst of all of this said, “I love this group chat, it feels like a reunion.” And it was funny but it totally did. It felt like we were all over at someone’s house, sitting around their dining room table eating and drinking, our playlist on in the background, and us gasping for air and crying/laughing because the things we kept saying were just so stupid and hilarious.

It was a good boost for the start of a week. Kind of a reminder that even though life may be absolutely insane for all of us at the moment, and even though we haven’t been able to get each other all on the exact same page, we know we will eventually. Before the summer ends, we’ll have at least one gathering and that will be more than enough to get our friendship through until the next time.

Because it’s not everyday you find a group like this. A group you can tell your darkest fears, your most wishful thoughts, and not get judged for it. Because they’ll listen and nod and laugh and smile and cry accordingly, and then tell you their fears and dreams and secrets and trust that not a single soul will repeat the words said.

I never thought I’d have a group like this. I never thought I’d have people I’d let see me at my worst, see me first thing in the morning, see me in horrendous dresses, or people I could aggressively lip sync pop-punk songs with at 11am, or people I could sit in a rain gutter with, wrapped up in jackets talking about things we’d never told anyone before.

Even though the distance is really pulling at us more than ever, we know we’ll make it. Because we know far too much about each other, love each other more than we ever thought possible, and are just in too deep I guess you could say.

And now I have another reason to look forward to the concert other than the fact that I’m seeing my favorite band live, is that I’ll get the day to spend with the girls and we’ll have our reunion at last.


2 thoughts on “Friendships & Distances

  1. This was real encouraging to read! My closest friend in the world has been living out-of-state from me for almost 6 years now, so I know a little about what you’re conveying in the second to last paragraph! Lovely writing as usual 🙂

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