Airplane Ramblings

I stumbled across the following gem whilst scrolling through my ‘Notes’ on my laptop. Apparently I had started writing quite random thoughts while we were flying back from China to America. So I thought I would share them with you! Haha, buckle up…

— — —

I’m currently typing this on my laptop on a folding table on an airplane.

It’s 1:15am on June 22 Wednesday.

We’ll land at 3:30pm on Tuesday June 21.

I know, I just gave up trying to figure it out ages ago.

This is the part of the flight I hate. The part where majority of the plane is asleep, due to making a nest and leaning on the window or person beside them. Then there’s those people that can just sleep anywhere at anytime and are pros at sleeping on planes and are out as soon as you take off and only wake for meals before conking out again. I applaud you and wish I had your skills.

I’ve never been able to sleep on planes. I just can’t get comfortable, my legs can’t curl up or stretch out and it’s just impossible to sleep.

Like right now my eyes are fluttering shut and bleary because they’re trying to stay open. But if I close them I can’t fall asleep.

So I sit. I’ve already watched a movie, got halfway through another one before I lost interest, freshened up, and tried to sleep for about an hour, hour and a half.

If I counted right we should have about 6 or so hours left I believe. Halfway there!

I watched a few YouTube videos I had downloaded earlier and then decided to just start typing. I don’t know if I’ll even post this but there’s no harm in writing surely.

You never know what delusions will invade my mind in situations like these.

Christian is currently asleep with his head on my mom’s lap and his feet spread out across his own seat. Man I wish I was a little kid again so I could do that.

Lily and I were freaking each other out whilst at the Korea airport because we kept saying, “Hey, hey. Guess what? Once we get on that plane, we’re trapped in the air until we’re in California.” And then the other would just grab their stomach and moan, “Please stop saying that! It’s freaking me out.” It’s pretty hard to believe we’ll be back in just a matter of hours.

I’ve been excited for the past few days leading up to this. But for some reason it’s not really hitting me. Like, it is but it isn’t. I’m going to be in America after almost four months! How.

What I can’t believe is that I’m going to be at my grandparents that night. That we’ll see family and we’ll hang out and then I’ll go to sleep with my old white quilt that I love and have missed oh so much.

I can’t believe that when I wake up the next morning I’ll get ready for a lunch date with my bestest buddy. You know, she’s just gonna pick me up in her truck…cuz she can do that now. Drive.

The stewardesses are so nice on this flight. They always are, but on the longer flights it just really stands out how nice they are. Like they stay up the entire time (or maybe they take shifts…idk) and whilst majority of the passengers are sleeping they make sure everyone’s good and offer drinks until morning. They’re patient even with the crazy people and they’re always so calm.

It’s almost eerie.

I could never be a stewardess. Besides the fact I hate flying I just couldn’t deal with people. Not to mention I’m a klutz so I’d end up spilling something.

I wish I could take my makeup off. This doesn’t help the comfortableness.

Oh good. Turbulence. My fav. Not.

1:32…why can’t time go faster? Just until we land that is.

Maybe I’ll try watching something. Or I’ll try finding a sleeping position that won’t make me cramp up or want to do anything but sleep. If only I had internet to search for some.

Well if I don’t fall asleep I’ll be back at some point I’m sure…bye for now.

— — —

Airplane update: It’s now 4am and I have yet to fall asleep. At least now I’m not nodding off and I’m fully awake. Which means that by the time we land I’ll probably be delirious and all that nonsense. People are starting to wake up and someone just this very moment opened a window. Apparently it’s been light out this whole time…that’ll mess with you.

I scrolled through the movie choices like 500 times because they’re all ones I hadn’t heard of and just didn’t look that great to be honest. Then quite on accident I ended up watching a chick flick and as it usually happens when I watch one of those, I started it laughing and “awwww” ing and smiling like an idiot when they did something cute and then ended it on the verge of crying. Like I actually had to stop myself from letting the tears roll down my face. Fab.

Grace and Christian are up now and they’re watching ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Big Hero 6’ I believe. Everyone else is still asleep on the Olson front though. Except Spencer who woke up just a few seconds ago to ask me for his jacket which is in a compartment above us so I just gave him a blanket instead and he didn’t seem to notice the difference.

I started another movie which is supposed to be creepy I think but I think I may just watch YouTube instead…well at least until my laptop dies. But hey, YouTube is worth it.

Plus we land in like 3 hours or something I think. The couple in front of me have had the airshow on the whole time so I’ve just been peeping over their seats every now and then. I try not to look too often though so time doesn’t go any slower.

Okay. I think I’m going to sign off. The plan is just to watch YouTube until my laptop dies or until they serve a meal, and then either listen to my tunes (I do that as we land and take off anyways) or finish the creepy movie maybe. We shall see.

Fingers crossed breakfast is something edible. Last time I just didn’t even try man. It was some form of egg…I think…I don’t even know.

I’m so excited to get off the plane, get through security, and enjoy the car ride. While it will be another hour or so of more sitting, is going to feel oh so lovely compared to this cramped plane.

And I guess Grandma is making Italian Subs for dinner. #cantwait #ijustwantitnow

And then we go to sleep (SO EXCITED) and when I wake up I get to see Grace. *internally screams*

It’s still feeling soooo surreal.

Anyways I should stop now.

Talk to you later!

-Madi Rose

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