Goodbye |Summer|

Summer is coming to an end, people are going back to school, and Autumn is on it’s way. Now, Summer’s end doesn’t make me quite as sad as it used to as I don’t have to go back to school this time! And even though Summer doesn’t officially end for another month or so, it really does feel like it’s over towards the end of August.

So to send Summer off, my friend and I got together and created our take on a “Picnic/Garden Party” type of thing. Pinterest helped us quite a bit when it came to decorating. It was kind of insane how much we found on there.


We put up some shade, a low table made with boxes and a tabletop, and then threw down a tarp with mismatching blankets and rugs with a few pillows to sit on. Putting it all up in the heat was a load of work, but decorating it all was our favorite part.


The lights and tassels were probably my favorite parts. The darker it got, the better the lights looked, and tassels blowing this way and that way in the breeze made it feel that much more fun.


We hung up a sheet on one side and strung some more lights across it for a Photo Booth wall. We had loads of ridiculous props that made for some of the funniest pictures and videos I think we’ve taken. Mustaches, blow up guitars, Star Wars masks, funky glasses, etc.


Flower crowns are an essential. Always. We rocked them all night and even wore them out when we got dinner. There’s nothing like an excuse to wear some pretty flowers and take all the cute pictures. Also you’ll see the pile of bubbles at the end of the table there. Bubbles are also essential, they just make everything better.


I had a playlist of songs that have, in a way, become “our songs” over the years, and we literally just sat around singing and attempting to dance. It was so nice to get together and just kind of forget about all the crazy life is throwing at us all and just goof off.

For dinner we could have been fancy and cooked (maybe next time. baby steps, baby steps.) but in true “us” fashion, we hopped in a car and picked up some Panda Express. We sang some more, ate, and then cleared the tent out for our movie.


We opted for a few of our favorite Merlin episodes and pretended the show hadn’t been cancelled, and hadn’t ended horribly, and that the happy ones we were watching were the only ones there were.

More blankets, Merlin, sweaters, and brownies was the cherry on top. It was a perfect day and I couldn’t have asked to spend it with better people. I highly recommend finding people you can tell your darkest secrets to, but also laugh with, take derpy photos with, and trust them to always be there for you. It makes life a lot easier.


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