A Home Away From Home

In the last couple of years I’ve learned that anything can and WILL happen.

I never thought we’d sell our house and live like ‘mobo’s’ (mobile hobos as some of my siblings like to call us).

Never thought I’d be living in China and California off and on, and never thought I’d go on 9+ flights in a year.

It’s funny because it’s hard to describe to people what it’s like. It’s not easy to explain what it feels like to constantly have some portion of your life in a cardboard box or suitcase. To not buy something because you don’t have a place to put it, or how you’re never really surprised by life’s crazy hurdles anymore.

Early last week, we packed up our van and drove for 5-6 hours up to Dinuba, California where there’s a YWAM base called Gleanings for the Hungry. They had an empty staff house and had offered it to us for a few weeks which was so kind of them. They told us we didn’t have to work or do anything. Just relax and hang out. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect from the house and were kind of wary as we’ve arrived to places in the past that we literally walked into, and ran right back out. The stories we could tell…the things we’ve seen…

But walking into this house was a good surprise. We have our own kitchen, a living room, bathrooms, and a bed more than we need! And for about the first time in 7 years I have my own room! It’s funny but I can’t remember the last time I sat at a desk to type out a blog post, or watercolor, or whatever. Lily ran into my room at one point and said something about finally getting to unpack her whole suitcase and actually having clothes in more than one drawer. I was even laughing at the fact I have a bedside table. Like oh how fancy of them. Haha!

The staff here are SO lovely, our first night a handful of them came knocking at our door every now and again welcoming us, and making sure we had everything we could possibly need. The kids have already made friends with the staff kids who are super friendly and are out playing ping pong and football at all hours. Because we’re so far out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s such a safe site (and there’s literally only one strip of houses to make the neighborhood) when the kids finish school they’ll ride around on scooters and bikes, run over to a friend’s house and come back for dinner, etc. They’re kind of loving life at the moment.

I’ve been here two and a half times (one of the trips got cut short) and as hard as the work was, you did grow to love it up here. The peach factory is closed until next summer, and the fields we’d lay the pallets of wet peaches in are bare, and everything is quiet. A small group showed up the other day, but other than that there’s not a lot going on.

The other night my Dad and I went to get groceries and there were a few times I almost stopped him from getting something because, “We don’t have an oven Dad” or “But we don’t have a freezer.” Which of course we have now, but when you’re so used to not having something for a while, it takes a while to get used to. 😄

It’s definitely not a permanent home in the slightest, but it’s pretty sweet being up here.


One thought on “A Home Away From Home

  1. Oh Madi, this brought tears to my eyes. How God loves to bless us. Remember to take nice long deep breaths. How sweet that we can’t out give God.


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