A Flood of Faces

:: the following words are for those who have read ‘A Sea of Masks’ :: 

Imagine you’re in a town.

And every way you turn you’re met by people.

But they all wear masks.

You don’t know if anyone is who they say are.

You’re drowning in them.

It gets to a point you don’t know if you should be there anymore.

You want to leave, get out and never come back.

And one day you almost do. Until a stranger stops you.

You prepare yourself for the scripted words, but never hear them.

Instead they smile, and invite you over for dinner.

Something is different about them. You don’t know what, but you like it.

As the evening goes on you find yourself laughing.

You find yourself at ease. It’s been a while since you’ve felt this way.

It takes you a few hours, but finally you find out what’s different.

You can’t hear the stiffness in their words. And their smile reaches their eyes.

They tell you stories, and you’re telling them almost the same stories right back.

You can’t believe you’d never run into them before.

That just as you were about to give up hope, just as you were about to leave forever, they showed up.

Days will pass and you’ll start to meet more people like this. Ones that don’t wear masks.

Ones that laugh with you and want to hear all about you.

It will take time. But one day you’ll wake up and you’ll find

That you’re no longer drowning.

— — —

When you feel like you’ve lost everything, when there’s nothing left.

That’s when a little glimmer of hope will pop up.

Could be a little thing like a stranger saying hello, or something bigger like hearing a story from a potential friend and realizing there are other people like you out there.

Don’t let the people in masks tear you down. But don’t abandon them either.

While you’re waiting for them to realize they don’t need their masks, find those who already know.


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