| colors |

the world is black and white
the same words are repeated
day in and day out
mindless streams of
useless information
and ridiculous rules

a world of color exists
but is deemed nothing
but a rumor
an excuse for those
who don’t want to live
in shadeless grays

people try to help loved ones
loved ones who think they see colors
by drowning them
in the dark drab words
they believe to be true
when little do they know
that they’re not helping
they’re killing

they mean well
they want what works for them
to work for those they love
they want them to be happy
just as they are
but they don’t see
can’t see
that their world isn’t for everyone

the people who see color
think they’re mad
they worry as to why
they see things no one else does
why things that should be easy
make no sense
until they meet someone else
who has seen color

this complete stranger
is amazed by the colors they see
they don’t tell them it’s nonsense
instead they talk about
the colors they’ve seen
and how wonderful it is

sometimes that’s what it takes
people you’ve never met
to make you see that it’s okay
to not be what everyone around you
insists is the only way

it’s okay to see colors
it’s okay to not see colors

what’s not okay
is to not accept that