| traveling tips |

Never did I ever think I’d be traveling as much as I have in the last 2 years. I’ve been on more flights than I can count and I’ve got a section in my wallet stuffed full of tickets and boarding passes to prove it.

Personally I’m a home/comfort girl. I find it relaxing and comforting to have a candle lit and the kitchen cleaned and to be freshly showered in clean pjs. And traveling is the exact opposite of that. The complete and total opposite. I’ve learned a little over the past couple of years how to prepare for flights, survive flights, and keep myself standing for hours in lines and passport control. I’m not an expert in the slightest, these are just a few things I’ve learned that make it easier for me.

Dress Appropriately:
If you’re taking a flight over 5 hours, DON’T WEAR JEANS. I know looking on Pinterest at “Airplane Outfits” or “What to Wear When Flying” outfits look cute and comfy and put together…forget it. If the flight is longer than 5 hours give up all hope on looking put together. Just focus on looking human and being comfortable.

I never really liked leggings until I started to fly. Very quickly I realized that leggings are always the answer. Forget sweats or jeans when you could have the best of both worlds. The two outfits I swap back and forth between depending on the weather are either: leggings, a tshirt dress, converse, and a cardigan or: leggings, converse, my dad’s sweater, and my dad’s button up on top.

It just makes it so much easier.

Hair and Makeup and All that Jazz:
Hair goes up or back. A bun or a braid or a ponytail, whatever you want. But when you’re shouldering bags and backpacks, rolling luggage through airports and trying to not lose anything, your hair is just another thing that’s going to get in your way and hold you back.

A lot of people won’t even wear makeup while flying. For me personally it helps me feel more awake and put together so I always do at least a little bit. We’ve had pretty early flights normally, so I’ll just whack on some mascara, concealer, and brows before leaving. Plus your skin is gonna get supppperrr dry especially if you’re like me and have dry skin already. So make sure your skin is moisturized to the max and primed before you apply any makeup.

Lotion is key. I always carry a tiny bottle of lotion with me because dry hands are a no no and it helps you feel more like you I guess … if that makes any sense.

Funny story, one time we were on one of our 12-13 hour flights and there was this one lady who will forever be my hero. We boarded, she got comfy, set herself up and watched a movie, ate a meal, etc. When they started to dim the lights she got up and came back to her seat with no makeup and proceeded to do her entire night routine right there in her seat. She put on her tonic, her moisturizer, eye cream, everything! And then went to sleep. When it was time to wake up she went to the restroom again and washed her face and about an hour before we landed she whipped out a mirror, set it up on her fold out table, and put on a full face of makeup. I was in complete and utter awe.

If you’re like me and don’t sleep while flying, then you’ve got to be prepared to keep yourself busy. Most flights have movies and music and other random things but since I’ve been flying asian airlines it’s not always the best selection. They have a lot of American movies but not always the good ones. And you can only watch so many movies. I always make sure I have loads of music downloaded onto my phone and earbuds handy so I can just zone out for a few hours. Also I’ll bring my laptop in my carry on and have a few of my fav movies or YouTube videos downloaded on there so I can use those as a last resort.

Books are also good, but again it depends on your flight. We normally have a midnight or 6am flight so majority of the time it’s pretty dark in the plane and yeah they do have little lights you can turn on but you don’t wanna always be that annoying person who floods the plane with light as everyone it trying to sleep. So I normally read when we take off or when we land as it’s usually bright by then.

When it comes to airports and security and all of that, it does change with every airport. But just so you’re prepared for anything you might wanna take a few precautions:

  • Keep all of your makeup, lotions, chapsticks, sanitizers in one bag. Or at least know where they all are.
  • Same goes for chargers. If you store all your cords and batteries in one place it’ll just be so much easier if you need to get to them.
  • Keep nothing in your pockets. My brothers keep loads in theirs, but as I’m normally wearing leggings (and I’ve got a purse) I keep everything in there and it makes it so much easier to just put your purse in the tray instead of fumbling to grab everything out and then put it all back once you’re on the other side.
  • Slip on shoes that are comfy and have support. Now I don’t follow this one because I don’t really own any slip on shoes and I live in converse soooo…I just wear those. But lately we haven’t had to take our shoes off which is nice, but you never know so try to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. Also make sure you’re not embarrassed about walking around others in your socks. *cough* like me and my one flamingo sock and one pug sock *cough*

And that’s just about all I can think of. Airports are almost always a pain, but when you do it enough and just kind of force yourself to be efficient and get things done it goes pretty smoothly. Plus it’s pretty worth it to get to be halfway across the world in under a day. Just a tad 😉