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Lately I’ve been listening to music that’s more … chill I guess you could say. A lot more acoustic/hipster vibes and I’ve really really been liking it.

I’ve created a whole playlist for songs like this, and through doing so I’ve discovered a lot of smaller groups or bands I’ve just never heard of before that I’m falling in love with. As much as I love bands like Twenty One Pilots and such who are HUGE now, they all did start out as tiny bands who nobody knew. So to find bands when they’re still small is kinda cool.

As there are just so many I’ve been loving, I thought I would share my favorites with you in case you yourself were on the hunt for new music.

Lewis Watson: 
I feel like I’ve mentioned him before, but I’m gonna mention him again. A friend recommended a song and upon listening to it I got all of his songs up and listened to them on repeat for days. His voice is just so lovely and calming and 99% of the time it’s just him and a guitar and I love love love it so much. I honestly love all of his songs (he’s got quite a few) but some of my favs are: Stay, Hello Hello, Little Darling, and Made Up Love Song #43.



Hollow Coves: 
I cannot get enough of these guys. I heard one of their songs called ‘Home’ via a Youtube video a while back but could only find one song on Spotify. Just recently Spotify started carrying their entire EP and I’m soooooooo happy. Their voices are super nice and they’ve got a total woodsy vibe which sounds weird because how can music sound woodsy?? But trust me it does. They’re Australian which just makes it even better because their accents are gorgeous. A few of my most listened to ones would have to be: Home, The Woods, and These Memories.


Tall Bear:
Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. Again, they’ve only got two EPs out but it doesn’t matter. Would I love more music? HECK YES. Am I happy listening to the same handful over and over again? HECK YEAH. I’ve put their music on and gone about my business, writing or emailing or whatever and next thing I know I’m done and I’ve listened to the same songs for about an hour. And I’m not tired of them. They’re oh so chill and kinda more upbeat but I love it. Jonathan’s (the singer) voice is so good, and everything together is just amazing. If I can only pick a few to suggest (though I really suggest all of them) I’d have to say: Get Your Heart Back, We Are Ships, Young Love, and Oceans Away. SO GOOD.



Now these are the only artists I’ve discovered that I’ve listened to all of their stuff and loved (I’m working on some more but it takes time) but I do have a few honorable mentions…

Snow by Ricky Montgomery
This one gets stuck in my head so easy. I’ll wake up and be singing the opening lines even though I haven’t listened to it in days. I just love everything about it honestly and again this whole vibe is just so nice to zone out, or chill out to.

Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
HER VOICE. I fell in love with her voice and I’m planning on listening to everything else she has, because wow. The lyrics are genius and paint such vivid pictures and just so much yes.

Do You Remember by Jarryd James
Catchy as heck and a little different. His voice is incredible and I just love the whole beat throughout the song.

Bukowski by Moose Blood
I love that his voice is kinda raspy and a little rough. This song of theirs in particular is just so cute and pure. “To keep warm I’ll bring a sweater, You can have mine it looks better, and honestly you can take it home.”

I don’t know why exactly but these songs just make me wanna wear cozy sweaters and drive through the woods with some friends.

Anyways that’s all I wanted to share, just thought I would talk about some of the tunes I’ve been loving quite a lot lately.

Have a fab rest of your day/evening !

2 thoughts on “| chill vibes |

  1. Madi, I have not forgotten your special day I am unable to use my phone : (
    Love you Hope it was special. xoxo


    1. No worries!! I love you and miss you guys lots and can’t wait to see you! And yes it was a very fun day. Dad made Swedish pancakes for dessert. 😊❤️


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