another |glimpse|

I’ve done about two of these posts I think, and they’re one of my favorites to do. Just a collection of the most random pictures that were snapped in the moment, hoping and trying to capture some of the strange situations we find ourselves in over here. So, I thought why not do another one as I’ve got LOADS of pictures that are just too good to not share.


Spencer and I were visiting a friend one day, and we walked home with her to her apartment. On the way we stopped at the little convenience store outside her community so she could pick up a package that had arrived. I had to try my hardest to not laugh out loud at what they called the post office. We spent at least 5 minutes waiting as the lady dug through shelf after shelf, and even outside the store. Fun fact, I actually ordered something online as well (I decided to be brave) and have to pick it up in a few days at the same place. That should be fun.


This is one of those pictures where the longer you stare at it the more you realize. Like the fact that the guy’s got an unlit cigarette in his mouth, and his kid eating a sausage while fiddling with the security cameras…this is China in a nutshell ladies and gentlemen. And yes we’re buying ice cream even though it’s a bit chilly out. It’s been our go to dessert as it’s so cheap and just outside our front door.


Chinglish will never get old. You’ll either be walking down the street, sitting down to eat (like we were in this pic) or shopping and just happen upon a sign or something that’s so ridiculous you can’t help but stop and snap it. We were out to dinner with some student friends of ours (who speak very good English) and we all had a long laugh over the menu translations. Though they were all pretty ridiculous, our favorite was this one. HOW? WHY?


I’m highly aware this picture is NOT of the best quality, but it was pretty hard to snap a pic of both of us on a jerky light rail. Basically what happened here is we were on our way home, got on the light rail and were busy chatting it up until we realized we were on the wrong train. So we rode it to the end, and while doing so found we were the only ones on it. So I made Spencer lie down on the opposite row just so we could say we did it. Cross that off the bucket list. 😂
And it was just a few weeks after this that I saw that the driver has access to security cameras and probably saw us… great.


During English Class this one little girl (she’s adorable and oh so sweet) had fun coming up with her own “creative sentences” about the dog Charlie. She finished early so she doodled on the bottom of the page and it just made me laugh. (And yes I just realized that her last sentence is a bit incorrect…whoops.)


Her and her friend also had some fun on my phone, Snapchat quickly became their favorite. They laughed really hard especially when I switched this filter on their faces. The boys saw and laughed at them until we put a filter on them and then they all laughed. It’s just so much fun to be able to play with the kids and not always be their teacher.


Last but not least, one of our favorite spots! A little coffee/pizza/internet cafe on the other side of town has become one of our favorite places to run to for lunch or just a snack while working on school or writing. I was trying to take a picture of my drink (which is freakin amazing by the way ohmygosh. literally a load of fresh strawberries blended up and it’s pure gold) and Lily just had to get in of course. 😂

And that concludes yet another little sneak into what we get up to while living over here!

It’s a crazy time but it’s been so much fun. SO much fun.

7 thoughts on “another |glimpse|

  1. Thank you for keeping up with your blog. I love reading about your adventures. Tell everyone I said hello. I think of you all often. Dalana

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like these, it’s like visiting China through your eyes and when you blog a little about each picture it supplies the life and emotions of the moment.


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