|ice cream + exploring|

It is officially Spring here in China! A few weeks ago the trees all started to blossom, and everything started to go from dead sticks to all shades of green. The air was cool and the wind still whipped at every piece of skin that wasn’t covered. Rain came every other day along with occasional thunder and lightning and the darkest clouds.

But we had one of our first warm days yesterday, so Lily and I ventured out to grab an ice cream and just take a walk around our gated community.

The blossoms are gone, but their petals still can be found in the cracks of the brick alleys and walkways. The vibrant greens against the blue sky and random little yellow benches or a building, scream Spring and Summer. It’s so weird to think that this all was covered in snow and looking oh so dreary just a little while ago.


Though I will always be an Autumn/Winter girl, there is something I love about Spring/Summer. I just don’t get too excited for it here as it usually means mosquito season. But so far we’re in the clear! I have been getting a little paranoid and making sure our window is closed for the night by late afternoon. Now that I’ve said that I’ve probably jinxed it … great.

Knowing that we’ll be leaving soon really does make you appreciate it all just a tad more. There is something I’ve grown to love here, even though several times while walking we almost gagged on strange smells, questioned why a bathtub was in the middle of a walkway, and got quite a lot of stares.


And now that I sit here writing this, it’s 9am and the sky is grey again, the wind is cool, and there’s a chance of rain. I might even light a candle and embrace it while I can. Heehee.

Also enjoy Lily’s face as she saw something you would probably only see in China…


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