Somedays I feel like I’m drowning in thoughts. Not mine, everyone else’s. I can’t even hear my own thoughts buried under opinions I never asked for.

Opinions aren’t a bad thing. Everyone has them, everyone should. It means they think for themselves and are their own person.

But there’s a fine line between:

( having an opinion on something )
( tearing people down with said opinions )

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have an opinion about music. Myself included. I like some genres over others. It’s my personal taste.
If I listen to rap some refuse to call it music. If I listen to Twenty One Pilots I’m just hopping on the bandwagon. If I listen to Top Hits I’m just your basic white girl who doesn’t know good music when she hears it.

Not everyone is like that. I know that, honestly.
But there are people out there who just can’t let people enjoy the things they enjoy. Can’t let them like what they like unless it meets their standards. They need you to know that they’re better than you because they have better taste than you. I’ve had people make me feel pretty stupid for liking things, and let me tell you. I don’t walk away from our conversation with a “new and improved perspective.” No. I walk away feeling hurt that the things that make me happy, the things that I love to do, the things that get me through the day are being made fun of.
It feels like a shot to the leg and the only option you’re given is to hobble away without saying a word.

Being halfway across the world from everything I grew up believing to be “normal” has been really nice.

Something I never thought I would say.

Not being surrounded by people my age, and people who aren’t afraid to tell you how they feel about what you’re doing with yourself, has been really nice. I honestly think that’s one of the reasons I find myself not wanting to leave. Because it’s been nice to not care what others think. If I want to try wearing something new, I will. If I want to cut my hair, I will. If I want to write until my mind is as light as a feather, I will.

There’s something freeing about not worrying about fitting in. It’s a weight off your back when you find yourself not caring if someone thinks your outfit is too much this or too much that because nobody here cares what you’re wearing. 


Yet I know as soon as I go out in California, I’m going to be overwhelmed.  Everyone (whether they know it or not) will be evaluating every single person they walk past in order to assure themselves they look good. It’s just the way it works.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!” Remember that? Well it’s the same case here. So she listens to One Direction. So he’s spending all his free time writing a novel? So he likes to watch Superhero movies? It makes them happy. Just because it doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t mean you get to laugh at them or scoff at them because you find it “stupid.”

There’s a lot I want to include in this. Rabbit trails we could go down and never come back from. But I’m going to end this here.

Let. People. Like. What. They. Like.

It doesn’t affect you. My decision to listen to a song, my decision to color my hair doesn’t change your daily life. So don’t worry about it. Keep it yourself my friend.

Many thanks.

— — — — — — — — — — —

I was already planning on writing this blog post, when this video called ‘JUST LET PEOPLE LIKE THINGS’ was uploaded by some one of my favvvv YouTube channels. I highly recommend watching it as they NAIL what I was trying to say, and keep it funny at the same time.

>> click to watch the video here <<

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