Favorite {Book} Quotes

I’ve read quite a few books over the years, and by doing so I’ve found myself creating a little list of some of my favorite quotes from a wide variety of genres. But in the past month I’ve read a handful of books that has doubled that “little list” with incredible writing skills that have left me in awe and also needing book therapy.

So today I thought I would fangirl a bit and share with you some of my favorite quotes from some of my favorite books!


Yuyeh sesh. Despise your heart.”
“Ni wet sesh. I have no heart.”

Siege and Storm


“She’d laughed out loud, and if he could have bottled the sound and gotten drunk on it every night he would have. It terrified him.”

Six of Crows


“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”

The One


“I don’t hold a grudge. I cradle it. I coddle it. I feed it fine cuts of meat and send it to the best schools. I nurture my grudges.”

-Crooked Kingdom


Na razrusha’ya. I am not ruined. E’ya razruhost. I am ruination.”

Ruin and Rising


“Do you think it would be any different with [him] beside you? [Or] with that prince pup?”
“Yes.” I said simply.
“Because you would be the strong one?”
“Because they’re better men than you.”
“You might make me a better man.”
“And you might make me a monster.”

Ruin and Rising


“He laughed like someone had stabbed him in the chest, and he had no other choice but to find it amusing.”



“Weakness is a guise. Wear it when they need to know you’re human, but never when you feel it.”

-Siege and Storm


“To be all right implies an impossible phase. We hope for mostly right on the best of our days.”




4 thoughts on “Favorite {Book} Quotes

  1. That’s it? I was just warming up to them. 🙂 I like the grudge one but now a days I forget what I was grudging about, so I would end up cuddling nothing? lol

    Liked by 1 person

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