A Glimpse into |China Life|


Yup. It’s another one of these. I swear I’ve got enough pics to last me ’till I’m 100 and then some.

These pictures were either snapped in shaking hands due to laughter, or ones that followed exclamations of, “No, no no no, wait I have to get a picture of this.” “I can’t believe I’m seeing this right now.” “Welcome to China everybody.”




A pretty normal grocery shop that lasted us about two days. Cucumber and carrots as a snack or veggie with dinner, lettuce for salad, cilantro for salsa, chicken for dinner, pear-apples for snacks and breakfast, oil, bread for pb&j, sugar, eggs, tissue, and laundry soap.


When we first arrived this is what the upstairs bathroom looked like. We had no shelving  due to the fact that the floor to the left was rotten. We had to buy an extra cutting board to keep the sink standing, and it wasn’t until a few months later that the owners agreed to fix it … which was really just them putting another floor over the rotting one.


Chicken is the only meat my mom would buy for meals, unless she went to ‘The Metro’ (aka the Chinese Costco) and got something that looked a bit more legit. But to get it from the store just outside our community, you had to use the sticky and usually bloody tongs that everyone used for every meat they provided to bag your choice. I tried to hold my breath, and I carried hand sanitizer with me to soak my hands in after handling it. (bless you bath and body works)


On one of the many days that our home was full of people, Paul came into the kitchen asking if there was an outlet he could use for his laptop charger. There was, but it was halfway in the kitchen, behind the stovetop. And his computer was at the dining room table. But, Paul has been living in China longer than us (long enough to know to always be prepared) and brought out an extension cord, and then a sticky hook from his pocket. My mom and I died laughing as we helped him set up the precarious but very China setup above.

And for anyone who’s concerned about the wires being so close to running water…Well be happy you never saw our shower head which was just a few feet away from bare and very live wires.


When we discovered cheese in China it was a day to remember. My mom would come back from ‘The Metro’ with this huge block of “mozzarella” cheese that we would cut in sections, shred, and freeze for pizza nights, taco nights, and whatever else we had planned. For some reason my mom felt the need to document this truly wondrous moment of me about to get started. She took a few others of me laughing at something she had said, but *ahem* I can’t seem to find them anywhere! Pity. Because they totally didn’t make me look like I was a crazed killer with a huge knife in my hand and my head thrown back in evil laughter.


Christian was keeping mom company in the kitchen one night, while simultaneously watching the kids play soccer outside. He reminded me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings the way he crouched there crunching on sunflower seeds.


Packing for a trip back to America was always stressful as heck. As you can clearly see Lily suffering as halfway through she just slowly rolled over for “Just a few minutes.”


Lastly, we have our gorgeous lighting above our dining table. The ones that had it ingrained into my brain to crouch as I got up from any dining room table I sat at, until just a handful of months ago. I still managed to bang my head on them and send them swinging a few times a week though. And yes, the third one there doesn’t work.

I actually really enjoy these posts. Especially now that I get to relive it and remember the absolutely crazy things we got to do.

This is definitely a series that will be continued on until I (never) run out of content.


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