ice cream + exploring // pt. 2

If you haven’t noticed, just about every other post about our life in China mentions ice cream at some point or another. Why? I don’t know. Ice cream just became a staple for us over there…like a coping mechanism maybe? Somedays it wasn’t even a question if we were getting ice cream, but rather when was someone gonna run out for it.

With that said, here’s a peek into a day out with Lily and I. It’s a bit like the last “Ice Cream + Exploring” post except this time it was much colder out and we were bundled up…but still eating our ice cream.


When it rained in China, even in the coldest winter months, green would pop up all over making our little community much nicer to look at.


What are these you ask? No idea. But that’s China for ya.


This car was parked in the middle of an area for kids and adults to play and exercise, but apparently the owner didn’t really want it anymore as it looked like this. Lots of spiders in that thing is all I’m gonna say.


The streets look so clean and pretty when it rains, funny how much the weather can change the appearance so much. Any other day it would have trash on the sidewalks, and just look kinda…bleh.


During sunnier days, older people would be lining these benches, talking it up, watching the kids all play, and occasionally playing cards with each other.


I wish I could tell you that the overcast sky was 100% clouds and not the beginning of Winter’s pollution.


Flowers are something you only really see during the Spring/Summer months, but the rain kept them out just a tad bit longer than usual.


This wouldn’t be a “Lily and I” post without at least one picture of Lily being a weirdo. So here ya go.

The weather is slowly dropping into the 60’s and I’m so so SO prepared for weather like this again.



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