Mixtape :: Autumn

Autumn is for dark cozy days, chunky sweaters and cups of hot drinks, fires and foods full of spices, and acoustic music.

I always change my go to playlist with the seasons, and Autumn might be my favorite to transition into. Now what makes music autumnal? No idea. For me personally, it’s acoustic sounding, soft voices, and a suuuuppper chilled vibe. Lovely songs to tune out to, fall asleep to, or jam out to as some of them are a bit more upbeat.

So when I’m not listening to Christmas music, I’m listening to the songs listed below and lots more like them.


Close // Lewis Watson


It’s not like we have to see the whole world,
Just as soon as no one knows who we are,
We could stop or we could make a new start..


Heavy // Birdtalker


If your face is down well take a look around,
Do your fingers move, Do your lungs inflate?
Are you tired, are you weary, of the hidden hate you’ve been holding?


Drive // Oh Wonder


And I can’t help but drive away, from all the mess you made,
You sent this hurricane now it won’t go away,
And I promised I’d be there, but you don’t make it easy,
Darling please believe me..


You // Dodie


People will tell me that I messed up,
And it wasn’t love,
And I’m secretly hoping they are right..


Can I Be Him // James Arthur


Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories?
Can I be him?


The Optimist // Adam French


I’m a flare in the sun,
I’m the damage that’s been done,
Oh I’m a ghost in the night,
I’m the darkness shading out the light..


Novels // Rusty Clanton


What if I asked, What if I asked you to stay?
What if it cost, You your heart and your last name?

I’m in love with all of these songs, to the point where as soon as they finish I’ll start it again..and again. They’re just so pretty, and the lyrics are even prettier. Especially ‘Novels’. I can’t get enough of his voice and how adorable and pure the song is.

Bless music, because I will never ever in a million years get tired of discovering new tunes for every occasion.


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