Autumn |Reads|

I love to match my books to the seasons, and if I’m being honest this time of year is my favorite time to read.
(surprise, surprise)

When the weather gets cooler, and the skies get darker, I tend to grab darker, grittier, and spookier reads. And sometimes I just can’t help but grab one bound in matte black, or decorated with embossed lettering, or wrapped in a cover that screams autumn.

I’ve currently got a stack of 5 new reads at my side, and I’ve already started in on one of them. But today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite books for this time of year. Ones I’ve read either once or many times before, but ones that I love dearly.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)

41aQPTCmeVL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_There’s just something about the Shire that has always made me feel cozy and safe. I relate to Bilbo Baggins a tad too much, what with his love for food and how perfectly content he is to just smoke his pipe in the evenings, eat his favorite foods, and live a quiet life.
But I also relate to his desire for adventure, whether he knew he had it or not. While this book took me a while to get really into, (I’m just not big on lengthy descriptions and details) I do always remember this as being the first book that made me jump while reading it. Yes, this book gave me a jump scare without dramatically timed music or a sudden appearance on the screen. I love this book dearly though, and it’s beautiful mix of coziness, battles, and everything in-between.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)

Fairest is the prequel to one of my most loved series, The Lunar Chronicles. And it’s on 51t0DpYUAqL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_this list not as a cozy read by any means, but rather as a chilling read that wasted no time in telling you just how evil this woman really is. The main character is the villain in the book series, and unlike other stories where the story is written in order to make you pity the villain, this one just made you hate her more than ever. Which I was glad for, as I really wouldn’t be able to live with myself pitying such a monster.
It’s a fairly short read, and I loved how it tied fragments from the series together, giving you little bits of backstories that left you going, “Ohhhhhhhhhh!” or wanting to hurt Levana yourself before she could hurt anyone else.
The last page will be forever with me, and still gives me chills whenever I think about it.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)
Guys, I’m in love. 23437156
The world building blew my mind. I felt like I was there running through the streets, climbing rooftops, and sitting in smoky gambling rooms. The world was beautiful.
I’m ashamed to admit that I am one who skims through lengthy descriptions or long action sequences as it’s just too much detail for me to be bothered with. But Bardugo has a gift, where she gives you just enough to paint a rough picture before backing out and letting your imagination fill in the rest of it.
I honestly can’t tell you how in awe I was and still am of these characters. They all are so their own person, so different, yet you understand why they’re all there. I never doubted their realness, I loved them, hated them, cried with them, laughed with them, etc.
I picked this as an Autumn Read, because 1.) The cover is dark and beautiful. 2.) I just about never pictured a sunny day in this universe. Every scene to me was dark, brooding, smoky, overcast, the list goes on. 3.) The whole storyline is so dark, so wonderful, and will honestly keep your heart in your throat as you follow these “outcasts” and their attempt to pull off a heist unlike anything you’ve ever read.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)Now for the “spookiest” read on this list. I love creepy, eerie stories that mess with your 1595541551mind, scare you a bit, and keep you on edge without taking it too far. Dekker has always been my go to author for books exactly like that. House kept me up all night, and as spooked as I got, I couldn’t close the pages. I had to know what happened.
It starts simple enough, a couple driving one night, minding their own business when their tires go flat, and they’re forced to seek shelter in the only house on the road. A house that won’t let them leave…
This book gave me all the creeps and kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering how on earth there could be a way out of this madness, or how much worse it could possibly get.
I don’t know what else to tell you, except that if you’re wanting to a scary read, pick up House. For ultimate spooks, try reading it once it’s dark out.
Good luck.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)

northanger20abbeyNow this is changing it up, but I love a good love story, and Jane Austen has written some of the best out there.
This is a lot shorter than her other novels, (which I appreciated) and one of my favorites so far.
Mr. Henry Tilney stole my heart with his smirks and love for books. I think this one in particular stood out to me so much, due to the way Jane wrote Tilney’s character. He’s almost…self aware? Jane Austen’s sass and sarcasm in her narration and even in her characters is one of my favorite things about her writings.
This story is short and sweet, with a heroine you can’t help but love, a love interest you will adore, characters you will despise, and a cozy vibe as there are many a rainy day, and even mention of a possibly haunted Abbey.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)

18584855Another Marissa Meyer novel! This one is a stand alone, no connection to a previous series. All I knew about this one going in, is that it was set in the world of Wonderland. And supposedly going to rip my heart to shreds.
It was a slower read, but I enjoyed it oh so much. I did truly enjoy Cath and her story, and Jest…oh Jest. I love him to pieces.
Though slower, it definitely picked up the pace towards the end, and I was left gasping and sputtering nonsense as I watched what I thought would be a beautiful ending slowly turn into a corrupt, twisted ending that left me void of all emotion.
It tore me to shreds and I loved every minute of it because that’s who I am.
It’s a good one.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)

10194157Leigh Bardugo wrote a trilogy a handful of years before Six of Crows (above) and though it had a completely different set of characters it was set in the same universe.
I can’t tell you how much I loved this book. Again, the world came to life, sucking me into it’s dirt roads, palaces, camps, and dark lairs. Alina was a character I related with a tad bit too much, and went on the exact same roller coaster she went on. Loving who she loved, hating who she hated, and feeling just about everything she went through.
This one makes the list because of several reasons. 1.) The title and cover alone. 2.) This whole trilogy messed with me big time, and it just got darker and more vivid with each installment. 3.) It’s a book I could totally cozy up under a blanket with and read as it rains outside.
Bardugo has me eating out of her hand basically. All I have to see is her name on the front and I’ll grab it without even thinking. And I am so beyond okay with it.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)

house-of-dark-shadows21Last but not least…
I read this one years ago, but I remember being spooked just by the cover alone. The story follows two brothers and their parents who are moving to a new town, and into a big old house with secrets.
Sounds cliche, but I thoroughly enjoyed this series. This is the first book of 6, and it took me on rides I didn’t expect, twists I wasn’t even thinking possible, and it spooked me. But it also made me laugh which is always a plus for me.
Don’t be fooled by the cover, but I remember this being a very easy read and not as scary as it appears.

SSFS_Wreaths_Laurels (13)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with a gorgeous book going by the name, ‘Caraval.’ I have a feeling it’s going to be on a list next year already… ☕️🍂



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