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{yes i have christmas music playing right now, and yes this is an “autumnal” post but it’s november and you can’t stop me}

I gathered these questions from several different blogs and Pinterest, as this tag has been around for ages. So yay! I’m finally getting around to it. ūüćā

unnamed-61. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
– September 1st. Or rather, mid September I guess. I know it’s still technically Summer, and in Southern Cali it’s still ridiculously warm but as soon as the first “ber” month arrives, I just can’t help but start getting a bit festive.

2. What is your favorite scent (perfume) to wear?
– Either Warm Vanilla Sugar or Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Both from Bath and Body Works, both loooovely scents. ūüėć

3. All time Favorite Autumn colors?
– Burgundy, Mustard, Navy, and Grey.

4. Tea, Hot Chocolate, or Cider?
– Oh heavens.. this is rather difficult. I’m going to have to say Tea (there’s just so many different flavors!) then Cider, and then Hot Chocolate.

5. What TV Show (new or old) are you looking forward to this Fall?
– I don’t (or didn’t) have any shows that were starting up again this Fall, but I have been LOVING ‘Victoria’ over on Amazon. And I’m thinking I might start watching some ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Larkrise to Candleford’ here again soon. Two totally different shows, but they both have such an autumnal aesthetic.

When asked to pose, the Olson kids will definitely do so…just maybe not as you had wanted.


6. Favorite Autumn fashion trend or piece?
– Oversized sweaters. Always. I’ve been loving long sleeves that have to be cuffed a few times, hems that have to be tucked into jeans, and if they’ve got a high neck or a huge turtleneck… well then I’m a very happy girl.

7. What music do you like listening to during Autumn?
– Anything acoustic, folksy, or chilled. I have a playlist strictly for Autumn, and you can bet it’s been playing since September. >> more detailed post: autumn mixtape¬†<<

8. Favorite Spooky movie for October?
– I’m not a fan of scary horror movies, but I do love a bit of a creepy one that messes with your head a little bit, and freaks you out via plot twists and a jump-scare or two, rather than gore and clowns and all that.
So! That being said, ‘The Village’ is a fantastic spooky/suspenseful movie, and for a more funny/mystery I will always love ‘Charade’ with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

9. Where do you buy your Autumn Candles?
– Bath and Body Works is the place to go. The candles are pricy, but if you grab them when they’re on sale…it’s totally worth it. And sales are a pretty regular thing for B&BW which is awesome. (also awful because you just want to keep buying more and more and more)

10. Favorite Fall Makeup Products?
– NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in Vintage and L’oreal Eye Nude 2 Palette (gorgeous browns and purples, plus a shimmer shadow that is stunning.)


11. Are you a Rainy Day lover?
– Yes. One thousand hundred times yes.

12. Favorite Fall Candle scent?
– I honestly don’t know if I can pick. There’s so many that just¬†smell like Autumn. Some are fresh, some are sweet..
I think I’m going to have to go with B&BW’s ‘Pumpkin Apple.’ Funnily enough we don’t actually have this one, but every time I smell it I get ridiculously happy. It’s perfect.

13. Are you Obsessed to the point of having a Pinterest Board dedicated to Fall?
– … NoooOoooOoo … who on earth would have a Board dedicated to Fall? That would be lame … >>definitely not my pinterest board called “autumnal”<<

14. Store bought pumpkins or Pumpkin Patch pumpkins?
– As you can tell from these pictures, Pumpkin Patch is how we did it this year. And it’s how we’ve done it every year we were in the country! It’s become a tradition that I am totally okay with.

15. Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?
– I didn’t think this question was going to be this hard. Could be because I’m hungry and Michael Buble is singing about Christmas dinners. I’m going to say I’m more of an Apple Pie person. But Pumpkin Pie is soooooooo close behind it.


16. October or November?
– November. It’s the perfect in-between of Autumn and Christmas. Because Autumn isn’t over, but Christmas is just around the corner, so you’re given no choice really but to listen to Christmas music while eating pumpkin spice cookies and hanging Christmas lights as your carved pumpkin sits outside. #bestofbothworlds

17. Do you Carve your Pumpkins? Or Paint them?
– I’ve always carved pumpkins, but next year I would love to get two and paint one of them. I think if you do it right they can look oh so cute.
Also I’m intrigued with this whole drilling pumpkins thing. I’ve seen ones that look like a starry night sky and I fell in love. Next year is going to be a year for experimenting.

18. Do you go out of your way to step on crunchy leaves?
– My Mom and I do this allllll the time. Why? I don’t know. But you can’t just walk past a crunchy leaf without hearing the crunch.

19. Favorite Autumn flavored tea? 
– Pumpkin Spice Chai, Earl Grey, or Apple/Berry.

20. Do you make your own Cider? 
– We don’t normally, but while we were in China we did! It was quite the experience, but it worked out in the end. And we kind of got the Chinese people we had over for Thanksgiving and Christmas hooked on it, haha.

21. Do you read more books in the Autumn or Summer?
– When I was in school the answer would have been Summer 100%. But I think now it may be Autumn. There’s just something so much more cozier about cuddling up with a book when it’s cold and dark out.


H A P P Y          A U T U M N          E V E R Y B O D Y          ! ! !


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