The Story Behind ‘So I Thought’

For those of you who have been following me on here for a while now, you’ll know why I started this blog. But what you may not know is why I chose the name.

‘So I Thought’ isn’t really unique. There’s a lot of sites out there that took that name over and over until any variation of it was claimed … which is why 16 year old me thought “welcometothecray” would be fitting for an address.
Why…Why would you do that 16 Year Old Madi.
Sadly I’ll be stuck with that until I choose to upgrade the site which kinda costs an arm and a leg so…”welcometothecray” it shall continue to be.

But the actual title of the blog came about when I was sat at my old white desk, a row of favorite books above me, the family laptop in front of me, and a notebook with a few pages of useless notes.

Years ago I was obsessed with this band called ‘Flyleaf’. I’m not sure where they’ve ended up, or if they’re even still together. I just know I lost interest when the lead singer was switched out.
ANYWAYS, I’m rambling.
They had a song on their self titled album (which was my go to) called (yep you guessed it) ‘So I Thought.’

I loved the song for a lot of reasons, and it just made sense to call the entirety of whatever this was going to turn into, the title of one of my favorite songs at the time.
When I first started this I knew I wanted to have fun with it. I wanted to do makeup posts, or outfit posts if I wanted to, I wanted to document China and all the rest of the adventures I went on. But I also knew I wanted an outlet that wasn’t just a notebook. So, the title also worked as I wanted to be sharing a lot of my thoughts here too.

Every time I’ve messed around with this blog, the layout, and all that, I’ve always debated about changing the name. I’ve tried to brainstorm some new ones but … nothing ever comes of it. None of them sound right like this one does for whatever reason.

And there ya have it. Nothing too exciting, just a song that meant a lot to me that fit just a little too perfectly.

If you were curious to listen to the song, it’s on Spotify. And if you don’t have Spotify, here’s a link to a YouTube video: So I Thought by Flyleaf

Happy Friday!
Madi Rose

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