[ 2 0 1 9 ] is my |T.S.| year

I don’t have any new years resolutions this year … except one.

  1. Be Taylor Swift

Or, at least channel my inner Taylor Swift. Why? Well, because who doesn’t want to be Taylor Swift??


But honestly, if you haven’t followed what she’s been up to over the past couple of years, let me tell you why I want 2019 to be my Taylor Swift year.

After her album ‘1989’ was released in 2014, she took off on a world tour that was beautiful and majestic. In the next few years Taylor found herself in an awful relationship, she was sung vulgarly about in another artist’s song who swore she had said it was fine for him to do so. She was called a snake, and the media and haters picked up on the phrase. Honestly it was hard to not see the word or emoji of a snake next to her name for quite a while. No matter where you were reading.

She went quiet. People didn’t really see her in the media, new music wasn’t coming, she didn’t post online, nothing. And then one day, her twitter, her instagram, everything everywhere was erased. Years of pictures gone, it was all blank. A clean slate.
Needless to say her fans and followers lost it. Which was nothing in comparison to the freak out that took place when she posted a video of a snake. And then a few more videos of snakes. And then dropped a song called ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’ This all happened in 2017.

taylor performing ‘look what you made me do’ accompanied by a HUGE snake

Over the next few months she dropped a few more songs, dropped the album, some music videos, and then went on tour. She started posting again, and everyone was just in awe of the comeback.

ca1ba4eb995a31116dc1626403686361Her album was bomb. I loved it to death, still do. I didn’t get to see her on tour, but she released a movie on Netflix of the whole tour which W  O  W. It was mental and crazy and so stunning and I just … wow.

All of this to say, she was kind of drowning under everyone’s thoughts, everyone else’s words. She took a step back, disappeared and worked on herself. Like, literally. She came back with a body that has every girl aspiring to work for. Her vocals are better than they’ve ever been, her self confidence SKYROCKETED. She came out with merch, sweaters and rings decorated with snakes. Her microphones had glittering snakes twisting up them. And I know this is going to sound silly, like “Uh Madi, she seems to be acting really petty about the whole snake thing.” but it really looks like she was able to adopt all of the hate, and turn it into this new version of herself who was in it to win it.


Watching that Netflix movie, a huge sold out stadium, she made that room, the one that had her looking like an ant due to it’s size, she made it feel so intimate. She danced and laughed and talked to the crowd and sang her heart out.

But see, when she “disappeared” and deleted everything and no one heard from her, she wasn’t not doing anything. She was writing, she was planning, but doing all of it without an audience.

So. I could rant and talk about Taylor Swift for a long long long time. She’s pretty amazing and I’m kind of just in awe of her currently.

I mean … look at her. Q U E E N.


What I started out by saying. That I want 2019 to be my Taylor Swift year. I want a year like that. Where you leave and work on yourself. Your mental health, your physical health, your self confidence. You find out what matters and what doesn’t. You pay attention to the ones who love you back and better you. And then you go out and do what you love and just dominate at it. She took all of the bad and wrote beautiful lyrics with beats that you can’t help but dance to, even if the lyrics can be a little sad.

And I’m not saying I’m going to leave and “disappear” it’s just the idea of backing up from things and realizing what matters and what doesn’t. At least for me.

She took all of her sad, her bad, she took it all and grew from it. She turned it into art and stood on a stage in black sparkles and sang about it with thousands of others who related. She owned all of it and came out the better person.

That’s not easy. That takes a lot of confidence and strength and bravery. To be able to put yourself out there in such a raw and real way, to be able to do something as simple as wear an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear. But to do it not for anyone particular (other than yourself) and know that despite you not doing it for anyone specifically, anyone and everyone can see you and what you’re doing.

It takes so much bravery and so much of an “I could care less what you think about me.” attitude which yikes how does one get that. Not to say you wouldn’t have days of caring, but overall you’re just happy to do what you love.

So. All of that said. 2019 is my Taylor Swift year.
We’ll see what happens.



Besides me genuinely wanting a T.S. year, I also really admire her and loved getting an excuse to rant about her. If you’d like to see her in action, check out these little snippets of her reputation tour because I’m in love with them all and I can’t get enough.

Look What You Made Me Do  – THE SASS. i love it, i’m here for it
Don’t Blame Me  – the guy at 1:13 seconds in is me
Style  – i honestly just love this song and her voice and i just really like this whole thing


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