“It’s A Two Ice Cream Kinda Night”

Sometime in May of 2017 (China):

A professor was staying with us for a few weeks as he was visiting from another city. He was so sweet and kind, and would bring us baked goods for snacking, breads for breakfast, or ice cream for a late night treat. (you can’t stay with the Olson family for long without soon coming to realize ice cream is how we cope)
One night, after a very long day, the professor came home. He took his shoes off at the door, swapping them for a pair of house slippers. He dropped his bag next to the rail, and plopped a large bag – overflowing – with ice cream bars on the table. After offering the contents to everyone who sat around, he unwrapped two and sat himself down in a chair. When asked about his need for two bars, he replied with tired eyes and a silly grin (and slight delirium) “It’s a two ice cream kinda night!”

April 5th, 2019. Friday (California):

I’m currently sat on my bed wrapped in a red throw blanket, Lily (my younger sister) is sat on a thin mat topped with a sleeping bag across the room from me. Dad just got home from picking up the moving truck, he said he’s going to need my bed in a few minutes, since it’s one of the last to be packed. The bunk beds were taken down the other day, and our bags have been packed since last week.

You guessed it.

The Olson’s are moving agaiiiiinnnnnnnn.
*throws confetti*


We’ve been in this house for 7 months and it’s been such a blessing. We are so so so grateful that we got to stay here. We got to have a Christmas here, have friends over, have birthdays, family gatherings, etc. We’ve loved every fire we made in the fireplace, every movie night, every board game played at the dining room table, every meal we shared with family in the gorgeous kitchen. The kids have used the front and backyards as much as possible, building forts, running around, coloring with chalk, chilling on the swings.

It’s funny, we got rid of everything a while back to move to China. We gave away all of our furniture. So moving into this house was interesting because we didn’t have a couch, a dining room table, chairs, a tv, nothing.
Do you want to know how much we had to buy? How many beds and couches and rugs and shower curtains, and kitchen appliances, and tech pieces we had to buy to furniture this house???

Answer: We bought one area rug.

It still blows my mind the way God works. He’s got a sense of humor, and a sense of timing that I’ll never understand. We were given beds, couches, dressers, everything. And we’re so thankful for all of it.

A lot of people kind of freaked out when they heard we were moving. None of us did, we weren’t shocked, maybe a little bummed because we’ve loved this house and location and we’ve gotten used to life here. But we knew it was time and we started preparing to leave. Now where were we getting ready to go? Where are we moving? Everyone has been asking, and we still don’t have an answer.

We don’t know where God wants us to live yet. *laughs*

For a lot of people that’s terrifying. Or it’s ridiculous, laugh worthy.
How can we not know?
Why don’t we know?
How can we live like this?
Some people were even surprised to hear we were moving. Which made a few of us laugh. We’ve been doing this for … five years now? So it’s nothing new to us, we’re used to it. We moved like what, ten times before we moved to China??


It’s still hard, don’t get me wrong. You know when you pack for a camping trip, or a sleepover, or a weekend trip? You pack your bag and everything fits perfectly. Well then the day comes for you to go back home, so you repack your bag. Maybe you bought a souvenir or a new shirt, maybe you didn’t. But either way, somehow you find your bag is smaller than before. You can’t fit everything the way you did before.
That’s what we deal with every time we move. Trying to live a “normal” life and buy a cute shirt when you see one on sale, needing more socks so you buy a pack, getting birthday presents, a new candle, a new book … it all adds up until you have to get a new box to hold it all in.

So packing isn’t easy. It’s easier today then it was the first time I did it. I know what I’m doing just a taaadddd bit more. We laugh and cry while packing, but we don’t really moan and groan anymore. Well, at least not as much as we used to. (haha)

A friend was kind enough to have pizza delivered to our home this evening. I believe it’s just arrived so I’m going to head out and eat. Then I’m going to dismantle my bed and help pack the cars and moving truck so they’re ready to roll tomorrow morning.

Ah yes. I did fail to mention that. We’re moving tomorrow morning.
Where? Don’t know.
In the meantime we’ll probably stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s, keep some stuff in a storage box at Church.
But we’re not worried about it.
Because like I said, God’s got a sense of timing (and humor) that we’ll never comprehend.
He’s got this.
Always has, always will.



So, I’ll probably post again once we’re settled. Wherever the heck that may be, whenever God decides it’s time for us to get settled again.

Ice cream has been mentioned a few times tonight already, I made sure we had three gallons in the freezer last night when we decided last night was an ice cream night. But I knew tonight would be one too.

Stoked to see what’s next, and not the slightest bit concerned or worried. And none of you should be either. God’s got this, he’s doing stuff, rearranging things, having people talk to each other. Something’s happening. We’re just not allowed to know what yet.

Have a fantabulous weekend,


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