Movies I Love & Movies You Might Love Too

Growing up, my Mom would always have a favorite movie of hers playing in the background while I was supposed to be having nap time (aka lying down on the couch pretending i totally understood the plot of the movie i had stubbornly insisted on not sleeping through) My Mom loved and still loves black and white classics, whodunits, and Jane Austen movie adaptations. (as do i)

Needless to say her favorite movies quickly became mine. As I started growing up, I started being able to understand the plots and the characters. And to this day I still love love LOVE a good black and white, classic movie. Cary Grant is my main man, but I love other actors and actresses. Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Katherine Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper, to name a few.

A few weeks ago my younger sister Lily came home from hanging out with friends, and while telling us about her day, she said, “NONE OF THEM KNEW WHO CARY GRANT WAS.” She had made a movie reference none of them understood and when she told them it was from a Cary Grant movie they said, “Who?” 

Now we all jokingly gasped and asked ourselves how could anyone not know who Cary Grant was?? But I know that there are people who have just simply never seen a movie that wasn’t in color. And that’s fine!! But for me, because I grew up on it and I have such an appreciation for the humor, the style, the way they filmed back then…I find it odd that others could not want to watch them. I am someone who associates the slightly fuzzy quality and the suits and knee length dresses with a rainy day and a cup of tea, there’s just something so comforting about them.
Watching an action movie like ‘North by Northwest’ versus something that just came out in theaters last month…it’s just not the same. There’s something so captivating about watching scenes in different shades of grey and black. I love old movies and I’ll never ever get over them. 

There’s so many good stories, so many funny situations, genius plot twists, hysterical dialogue, gorgeous costumes, and a vibe that you can’t find on screens nowadays. And the thought that you would miss out on it all just because it’s “old” or not in vibrant color…tsk tsk. (i tease)

So, I thought I would gather a few of some of my most watched and favorite classic movies in case you wanted to watch any during this odd point in our lives where we all have quite a bit of free time.
I tried to separate them into a couple of categories, so have a scroll through and see which ones jump out at you!

D R A M A S :

12 Angry Men: A jury is faced with deciding whether a young man on trial is guilty or not guilty. If they deem him guilty, he goes to the electric chair. Just a few minutes in you find that majority of the men see it as a black and white case, clearly he’s guilty. Except one man. Unable to leave the room until a unanimous decision is made, almost the full 90 minutes of this movie take place in the one room, with the twelve men fighting over the life of a stranger.

This movie is gold. It covers so so many topics, so may different walks of life and it has some of the most clever scenes ever. Even the way it was filmed, the things happening in that room in real time subtly proving points true in the case they’re all desperately trying to understand. Absolutely iconic, one of my favorite movies ever.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town: Mr. Deeds lives in a small town (Mandrake Falls) in the midst of The Great Depression. Until one day he finds he’s inherited twenty million dollars from an uncle he didn’t even know he had. The movie follows him as he moves to New York with the help of his uncle’s lawyers and assistants who try to worm their way pass his naivety to the world he’s stepped into, wanting the money for their own desires. 

This movie is considered a romantic comedy, but watching Mr. Deeds navigate meetings with pompous rich people, handle salesmen and reporters, it was so amazing. The man was the most down to earth human in every scene and situation. I have a lot of favorite moments from this movie, but one of my absolute favorites is the ending segment. The way he comes to life and reveals that under his naivety he knows exactly what he’s doing and what needs to be done.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

All About Eve: Aspiring actress Eve shows up in the dressing room of the successful Broadway star Margo Channing. She tells them her pitiful life story and Margo, feeling sorry for her, takes her under her wing. Eve adapts rather quickly to her new life, and Margo realizes she might have made a mistake in accepting Eve so quickly.

This movie is slow, it’s not action packed or fast paced, but that’s part of the reason that made it so good. It was a slow burn and made the ending that much more chilling. Bette Davis (Margo Channing) is an absolute queen in this movie, her lines are some of my favorite ever. And while the plot is infuriating at times, the whole movie was just one big mic drop in a sense. I love love this movie and it’s one I’ll always have on during rainy days.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Jefferson Smith is appointed to the United States Senate, where he is given a mentor. He is so willing to learn and do whatever it takes to get his ideas heard, that he doesn’t realize his mentor isn’t as noble as others have been lead to believe. Jefferson finds himself standing alone against them all, and eventually takes the Senate floor to stand for what he knows is right.

Every Jimmy Stewart movie I’ve seen has been an immediate love. I’ve never disliked one and I don’t think it’s possible for me to not enjoy a movie he’s been in. Stories with characters that you can’t stop rooting for like this are addicting. You want justice so badly that you find yourself on the edge of your seat, desperate for the moment in which the tables turn on those who are holding the hero back.
This one is a family favorite, everyone needs to see this movie at least once.

Some Honorable Mentions: Sergeant York, To Kill A Mockingbird, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Gentlemen’s Agreement.

R O M A N T I C – C O M E D I E S :

You Can’t Take it With You: Alice Sycamore (a banker’s secretary) and Tony Kirby (the banker’s son) fall in love, and want to get married. Alice and her family are peculiar, in their home everyone does what they wish, ballet, art, writing, inventions, etc. Meanwhile Tony’s parents are the polar opposite, uptight and snooty. Upon meeting they don’t approve of Tony’s choice to marry into such an eccentric family.

Again!! Another Jimmy Stewart movie, I’m telling you you can’t go wrong. I adore this movie. I like to tell people that Alice’s family is very very similar to us Olsons. We might not be playing with fireworks or doing ballet while we set the dinner table, but close enough. If I had to pick a favorite character from this story, I’d probably say Alice’s grandpa. He was the mediator in sticky situations and he stood for what he believed in all the while keeping good humor. I think the world needs more people like him.
The overall moral of the story is so so good, and I love the outlook it gives the viewers on what really matters in life.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer: Artist/Playboy Dickie Nugent is taken to court for a fight in a nightclub, but is able to charm the judge out of the charge. That is until he gives a lecture at a local high school. The judge’s younger sister who was at the lecture, claims she’s fallen in love with him, and goes to great lengths to prove they’re meant for each other. The judge gives Nugent an ultimatum, that he can either go to jail or date her sister in order for her to get over him.

The amount of quotes my family has adopted from this movie is insane.
Cary Grant had such a way of making people laugh with something as simple as an eyebrow raise and this movie is no different. His body language and facial expressions are so perfect you find yourself laughing without him saying a word.
My most favorite scene is when Nugent and Margaret (the judge) go out for dinner to chat. It’s a lovely evening until slowly and then all at once, almost every other character has shown up and is crowding in at the table with them. Everyone talks nonsense over each other, and the dialogue from this scene alone is said almost daily in normal conversation here at the Olson’s.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Roman Holiday: European princess Ann decides she’s had enough of the schedules and the lack of control she has in her daily life, so as a solution she sneaks out after she’s been given something to help her sleep via her doctor. She soon falls asleep on the streets of Rome, when an American reporter finds her. He takes her back to his apartment to keep her safe, later discovering her royal identity. He spends days with her, showing her the sights all with the hopes of using her to get an exclusive interview. Until he finds himself falling in love.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn wasn’t a duo I knew I needed on the screen until I saw this. Watching them roam the streets or Rome, getting ice cream, exploring, having reckless adventures, was so sweet. And it definitely didn’t make me want to run away to Rome and forget about my real life.
The ending forever brings tears to my eyes, but if it’s from joy or sadness…you’ll have to find out for yourself.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

The Philadelphia Story: Tracy Lord is a demanding socialite who has been divorced from her ex-husband and is now preparing to marry the very wealthy George Kittredge. But before she can marry him, her paths cross with her ex-husband, and a prying reporter. She soon finds herself confused by which of these three men she actually loves, and must decide before the wedding day arrives.

Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant is the ultimate duo and you can’t convince me otherwise. As they both attempt to win Tracy over, they go head to head, but also team up in attempts to ward off her third suitor George. Chaos ensues as Tracy tries desperately to maintain face for the public, and the outcome is hysterical.
There’s a scene where a very drunk Jimmy Stewart comes to Cary Grant in an attempt to talk things out. If you watch closely, you can see Cary turning from the camera several times in an attempt to not break character while filming. You can feel how much fun they had on set, and again, there’s some amazing quotes you’ll pick up for daily use.

Honorable Mentions: Shop Around the Corner, The Awful Truth, An Affair to Remember, Holiday, and How to Steal a Million.

M Y S T E R Y / S U S P E N S E :

Charade: Regina Lampert arrives back in Paris from a skiing trip to find her husband has been murdered. She crosses paths with the same man she had met on the slopes the day before, and soon they’re running around Paris trying to catch/escape three men who knew her husband in World War II. The men are after a quarter of a million dollars that her husband had in his care. Regina and this mystery man team together to solve the mystery and stay alive, until Regina starts to find she can’t even trust him.

“Do we know each other?”
“Why? Do you think we’re going to?”
“I don’t know. How would I know?”
“Because I already know an awful lot of people. Until one of them dies I couldn’t possibly meet anyone else.”
^^ Low-key one of the best character and plot introductions via dialogue. I love me a good mystery, and this is one that kept you guessing. A few times they lull you into thinking you know who the true villain is, or you think you know exactly what is going on. Until oops! looks like you’re completely wrong. This movie is so fun to watch too, I love the colors and outfits. I love the humor, the romance, and of course the murder mystery.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

North by Northwest: Roger Thornhill is living his normal life until one day a spy mistakes him for a government agent. As he’s hunted ruthlessly by the spy and his associates, he travels cross country to escape and figure out just what he’s gotten in the middle of. While traveling he meets a mysterious woman named Eve, who may or may not be a part of the puzzle.

This photo is probably one of the most well remembered scenes from the movie. No one runs away from a plane through flat fields with no cover better than him. I love Cary Grant in all of his Rom Coms, being funny and goofy and tripping over furniture and into walls. But when he plays a more serious role, especially in an Alfred Hitchcock movie…it’s incredible.
It’s hard not to love a an action packed chase with spies and mystery around every corner. There’s not too much to say without spoiling it, so I’ll leave it here. It’s an amazing movie and there’s a reason it’s name is known by so many.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Rope: Just hours before hosting a dinner party, two friends strangle a mutual acquaintance to death, all in the name of a philosophical exercise. They proceed to then hide the body in a chest where they arrange a buffet meal for their guests. Among the guests is the victim’s fiancé, and their college professor who unknowingly inspired the killing.

This one is dark. As you can probably already tell from the summary. A friend and I love old movies and love a good Alfred Hitchcock film, so we decided to try this one one afternoon as we hadn’t seen it yet. We were stunned and then almost sick to our stomachs for the rest of the runtime as we couldn’t believe how these two young men were so close to being caught almost every second. We were also a little disgusted that we found ourselves hoping they wouldn’t get caught, but I think that was part of the idea of the story. To get you on their side as you were almost as curious as them, to see if they could get away with it.
Needless to say this isn’t a movie you put on in the background or to fall asleep to. But it’s still a fantastic watch, with the whole movie taking place in the one room. (much like 12 angry men!)
(also oh look, another jimmy stewart movie. we shouldn’t be surprised at this point)

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Notorious: In order to bring the Nazis to justice, a U.S. Government agent (Devin) recruits the American daughter (Alicia) of a convicted German war criminal as a spy. Devin and Alicia begin to fall for each other, until Alicia is instructed to make a Nazi (Sebastian) fall in love with her. Sebastian is easily swayed and Devin is forced to watch Alicia as she slips further and further undercover.

I one hundred percent saved the best for last. This is my most favorite movie in the existence of the whole world. Why? Not entirely sure, it just is. Like I mentioned before, I love movies with Cary Grant being goofy and entertaining, but in this one I think he smiles…maybe once?
It’s a captivating story, I was fascinated by how the Nazis worked, how they disguised deals with extravagant parties, and how quickly they turned on one another. Watching Alicia (Ingrid Bergman) let this evil man fall in love with her, while she loved another, living a double life knowing she could be killed if she were found out… ugh it was just breathtaking.
The final scenes are some of my favorites. It’s chilling how much can be said with just the call of a name.

Honorable Mentions: To Catch a Thief, The Thin Man, His Girl Friday, Rear Window, The Birds, Saboteur, and Wait Until Dark.

And here ends the extremely over the top long list of some of my favorite old classic movies. Since we’ve all got some extra time on our hands, maybe give one a watch! Hopefully there was at least one that piqued your interest enough to check it out. Obviously I recommend them all, but pick whatever sounds good and let me know what you thought!

2 thoughts on “Movies I Love & Movies You Might Love Too

  1. oh my goodness, I literally added all of these films to my list of movies to watch! I think black and white movies are great, I just never find myself turning to them straight away when I want something to watch, but now with all of this time I think I might make a bit more of an effort! Rope and 12 Angry Men sound super interesting! xx

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