Hey 👋🏻

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Madi Rose, a 21 year old Cali girl who’s spent the last five years living here, there, and kind of everywhere. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve written about it as much as I can. It’s made for quite the adventure.

The adventure is never really over though, which is why I continue to write away my worries, frustrations, memories, tips, and happy moments here, to look back to whenever I’d like.

I’ve always had a love for words and the way I can combine them to put my thoughts on paper. Though I’m not very good, I love taking photos to look back on. I always think of pictures as frozen memories and ways to remember little moments that would get lost eventually as time goes on.

3 years ago I started this blog so I could have an outlet. I write about emotions, people, thoughts, places new and old, my favorite things, and anything else I feel like.

Hiding in pages of books is a favorite escape of mine, as are any binge-worthy show on Netflix (Criminal Minds is my current obsession). I’m a comfort orientated girl, I love my browns and oranges and anything soft or Autumn related to be perfectly honest. Autumn and Christmas are when I am at my peak and I am far from ashamed about it!!
If you’d like to get to know me a little better, I did a ‘50 Facts About Me‘ post you can head on over and read.

I hope to keep writing as long as I live. I can’t imagine not being able to write and since I can’t seem to get along without it, I’ll keep at it.

Contact: soithoughtbusiness@gmail.com
Social Media: @madeerosee